Monday, July 18, 2011

Well, it's been awhile...

So I took a little blogging break. See, here's the thing...if I don't have anything to talk about, then I'm not going to post. Simple as that. Not much is happening around these parts, and frankly, I don't think anyone is interested in the mundane things that are currently on my mind.

Such as:

1) It's so hot I can barely stand it.
2) It's so hot & I have to play kickball in this darn heat tonight (please, feel sorry for should).
3) It's so hot that I can barely stand watering the plants each.and.every.god.darn.night.
4) Speaking of plants, the husband's lettuce died & I'm to blame (apparently, I'm not very good at watering...see above).
5) Despite my best watering efforts, I can't seem to keep a hanging plant alive on the front porch. Our house faces west & the sun/wind exposure is just too much for these guys. It's taken 4 years to learn this, and try as I might, I think I'm finally ready to give up.

But I did happen to catch the premier of Home by Novogratz on HGTV this weekend. Did anyone else see it? I'm sure it will be repeated in rotation at some point this week, but it was amazing.

I forgot how much I love these two. They are definitely design risk takers--something that scares me just a bit--but I'm utterly fascinated by their work. I'm assuming Bravo gave Nine by Design the 'ol heave-ho, but Bravo's loss is HGTV's gain, right? Check out the fabulous beach house they made over in episode one...

Aren't those stairs amazing?!

I love the look of painted wood floors, but they make me my own home anyway! I think I would be too heartbroken to paint over our lovely floors. But in someone else's house...well, why not? I think these stairs are super fun. I wonder how well they hold up to traffic?

And speaking of paint, I'll be back tomorrow to share photos of a little outdoor project we're currently working on (major indoor projects have been put on hold until this heat subsides!). Until then, I'm off to stay cool...well, at least try anyway. Wish me luck!

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