Monday, July 30, 2012

And then we ordered a crib... at least I can say we've done something (anything!) to get ready for baby's arrival. In three short months people! Just typing that gives me anxiety (and heartburn--a lovely something I wasn't experiencing until recently).

I was up the other night worrying about a variety of things, one of them being the baby's room (again). Isn't it funny that problems seem larger than life in the dark? And then the sun rises & you've got yourself a whole new perspective. I'm aware that baby won't be sleeping in this room for awhile, but my OCD self wants it all ready in time. You know, once life is perfect and organized I can concentrate on giving birth (insert laughter here)!

We decided on the Sparrow crib from Oeuf.

For now, that's the only modern element to the room. I didn't want to go too classic or predictable when it came to the crib. I was originally thinking to go the Jenny Lind route (perfect for a girl!), but this crib is gender neutral enough that if we go down the parenthood road another time (and have a boy), this will work out just perfectly. I have a bunch of vintage and thrift finds that I've been collecting for awhile now that I'm also planning to incorporate into the room...the juxtaposition of old and new is exactly what we're thinking for this room. Well, exactly what I'm thinking anyway. The husband just goes along with it. fabric samples arrived today. Hoorah!

My mom is making the bedding and yes, we're doing a bumper guard (save me the safety lectures folks, I'm aware....). I've definitely decided on the Mockingbird print from Heather Bailey's Garden District line. I ordered both samples to see how the colors translated in real life, and while I was originally leaning towards the lighter sample, I absolutely love the blue just as much! Decisions, decisions. Of which, I'd better get on soon as I just found out the folks at are on the move and any/all orders placed between now and the end of August will be delayed while they get themselves sorted and settled....

And yep, that's about where things stand right now. We've taken a bit of a baby nursery hiatus to work on the side hallway...what the husband affectionately refers to as Project Hallway: Part Duex. I'll be back this week with an update of how things are moving along in there. But it currently involves a whole lotta tearing out of the old carpeting, getting estimates for new, priming, painting, etc. Nothing fun, just functional at this point (for the sake of getting things done). Now if that didn't sound like an exciting, you-can't-wait-to-see update, then I don't know what does...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bye, bye wine fridge

We just listed our wine fridge on Craigslist. Please, enjoy our crummy post pictures! I'm no photography wiz when it comes to listing things on Craigslist...but this should do for the purpose of selling something, right?

We decided to sell this baby after owning it for 5 years. It's a beaut, but unfortunately it was rarely used (when we entertain, we entertain 'til it's gone people!). It's a lovely thing to say you own, but when it's just using up energy for a lone bottle of wine, you know it's time to part with it.

I'm a bit sleep deprived today (no sooner than 3 months before baby arrives!), so I can't think of anything witty to say about selling a wine fridge. So here's the deal: 1) here's the post and 2) if you live in the Western New York area and are looking for a wine fridge, let me know! The specifics are in the post, but if you need further information I'll check with the husband first & get back to you.   

It's been awhile since I last posted on Craigslist, but I'm hoping someone takes this thing off our hands soon. In a legit, non-scamming way of course. And preferably with cash. Think of all the diapers we could buy with that wine fridge money!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I've got it in the bag

Tonight we begin the daunting task of registering for this little bambino. And by 'we' I'm referring to myself, sans husband. How he got so lucky as to get out of this one, I'll never know (all joking aside, I actually told him he didn't have to come). Really, it's for the best. I find places like Babies 'R Us tough enough to navigate when all I need is a god forsaken simple gift for someone's shower. Can you imagine the husband tagging along to register for things like breast pumps, diaper genies & swings?

I've asked my mom & sister to come along, and I've asked everyone I know via Facebook (you know, the end all, be all when it comes to life's most puzzling questions) for 'must have' baby suggestions. Man, my friends are awesome. I asked, and they offered. To the point where it's super helpful, but at the same time oh so overwhelming. In short, this is like studying for a big multiple choice exam, where every question has 35 possible answers. In the end, it's tough to know what will work for us when the baby actually gets here. So the plan is to have everyone's must-have items in the back of my head, while at the same time winging it and registering for things that I feel will work for us (we'll see how that plan goes?!)...

Since my friends & family did the dirty work for me, this leaves me plenty of time to think of more important know, like a fashionable must-have diaper bag. Everything I've found is either too cutesy or blah, and screams 'diaper bag!' Until I stumbled upon Timi & Leslie bags which are legit diaper bags with style!



Don't believe me? Check out the inside!

See? Roomy! These seem no different than the larger-than-life handbags I'm currently toting around. Except for these look like they have more compartments. Right now I'm leaning towards the second one--the Charlie--color still TBD. I'm told they're sold at our local Babies 'R Us, but we'll see about that. I should also mention that Timi & Leslie didn't pay me to say this stuff...a simple Google search turned up these babies & discovering them was like winning the diaper bag lottery. 

If you have one of these bags, or can recommend something just as stylish...spill the beans people! Knowledge is key, whether it's about a crib sheet or diaper bag...just sayin'.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

At some point I will have it together...I think.

And in a perfect world, it should be right around the time this baby arrives. Which is t-minus 3.5 months folks (just typing that scares me). Let me just state for the record, that nothing seems to be together right now. Believe me, if you could see the current state of our spare bedroom (the future nursery) you wouldn't want to be friends with me. I guess that goes for the rest of our house too. It ain't pretty these days. Look, mama (to be) has no energy in this heat. I told someone the other day that if our house looked like an episode of Hoarders, I would be 100% okay with it because I just don't have the ooomph to deal with the mess.  

I got a grand total of 4 hours of sleep last night. I was up worrying about this weekend's impending yard/block sale (and all that we need to do to get's a lot) and what color the baby's room should be. You know, world problems. I'm hoping this sale (organized by some neighbors--praise Jesus) will be the kick in the ass I need to start getting some stuff done around here. I don't think I've posted a project, thrift find, or DIY project in quite some time (the reason this here blog started in the first place!). I think once I clear the clutter--physically and mentally--I'll be back on track. Central AC would certainly help matters. But then that would be asking for entirely too much, right?

And this, my friends, ends today's pitty party. Here's hoping for some more consistent blogging & motivation in the mighty near future!

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