Friday, May 4, 2012

Are we ready for this?

So, I did something. I signed us up to be in our neighborhood association's tour of homes. Yep, add this to the 'crazy things I don't think are so crazy while I'm pregnant' list.

I'd always been a little curious as to how people got into the home tour. Last summer our neighbor encouraged me to do it, telling me the association was always looking for new homes to feature each year. I sort of forgot about it, until this past March, when the monthly newsletter went out with an attached application for the home tour. This was it! I was so in! I filled out the application, boasting how awesome our home was, added some historical references for kicks (information I'd been told in the past) and was ready to hit submit. And then it occured to me....I should probably tell the husband about this, right? That come May 20 hundreds to a thousand-some people would be trapsing through our home, and I was about to sign us up for this craziness. His response?

"Wait, what? This means I'll have to clean the man's den."

Ugh, as if that was my only problem!? At that point I considered him game. If cleaning one room in our home was his only issue, then he was totally on board (I've gotten really good at husband translation/speak these last 5 years). So off went my application, and I quickly received a response from the event chairperson that she'd be in touch with more details soon. And then I waited. A full month. Over the course of the month, I'd gone back and forth as to whether this was really a good idea afterall. I mean, there's so much we still need to do to this house. The kitchen floor still isn't replaced, the master bedroom makeover isn't complete, we're going on 5 years of no window treatments in the dining room, blah, blah, get the picture. The list could go on and on. And then it hit one will know if the bedroom isn't complete, that we're contemplating new kitchen floors, or that there are no blinds on the windows (they'll be too busy admiring all the natural light!). House projects just never end. That's just a fact. When you get to the bottom of your to-do list, you start back at the top, tweaking all over again.

I must say, I was mildly relieved to hear this was a sentiment all the fellow homeowners shared at our informational meeting this past week. In fact, one person on the tour is in the midst of a kitchen remodel! So I guess I'd say we're fairing well at this point. No one will ever suspect that our old black & white linoleum floor is in need of an update (well, at least we hope no one suspects)! It was a pretty cool thing to sit down with these folks...we all share of love for our big old homes, we're always working on one house project or another (or sometimes juggling several at once), and we all love our neighborhood. To sum things up, we're all house proud. And if our house isn't perfect, that's okay. We love our homes anyway. I'd say that's the best kind of person to be showing off their digs, wouldn't you say?

The husband and I (and several contractors) will be working like busy bees at our house these next 2 weeks. But if anyone is interested in more info on the home tour (and you're in the Buffalo or Ontario, Canada area to attend), I certainly won't be too busy to shoot you some info. You can e-mail me at or check out our association's website for more info. The list of homes won't be made public until the day of the event (to keep all you crazies from stalking our homes), so you'll have to wait in suspense for a couple of more weeks. Sorry. But it will be good. Promise!

Looking forward to seeing some of you on the 20th! Even if we're missing blinds in the dining room (just don't point that out to the other folks, okay?)...

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