Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The reason my blogging has been sporadic (at best)

I suppose there isn't much more to say, other than I've had a really good excuse as to why my blogging took a backseat for the better part of 3 months (and by excuses I'm referring to food aversions and general overall laziness). But now that Stella's got her groove back, I figured now seemed to be the best time to announce to the blog world (all 4 of you!) that the husband and I are expecting our first little one come October 29. The fact that I have an aversion to Halloween (something I'm sure will change by next year), means that this bambino is definitely going to arrive into this world in a full-on costume. We just know it.

I'm currently 14 weeks and have officially entered the second trimester. My pants are too tight & I've had my first pregnancy meltdown (of epic proportions) while shopping for 'bigger gal' clothes this past weekend. I can say that both ain't pretty. But with the second trimester brings more energy & the urge to nest and organize like nobody's business. I may be a little ahead of the game when it comes to that arena. And then again, maybe that's my type A personality coming out of first trimester hiding. Well, whatever is going on, I feel much better. Period. I actually have the desire to go thrifting again, and to take on home projects that are within my ability to tackle (it's really a bummer to tell a DIY--and do it all--gal that she can't lift more than 15's so not cool). 

City Dwellin' won't be turning into a baby blog, but I'm hoping to do some pregnancy posts here and there (especially when it comes time to tackle the nursery...I bet you can see the wheels spinning in my head as we speak!). My goal was to get a bit more personal, and well...there you have it. We're going on an exciting ride these next 6 months!   

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  1. Congratulations!!! I hope that the second trimester brings the added energy and the 'glow'.

    as far as the bigger clothing goes - there is no two ways about it. It sucks. But as a 33 weeker, I'll say that it gets worse, so enjoy the cute bump while you have it haha!


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