Friday, June 29, 2012

This is what the rug looks like...

...when no one is home to walk on it.

...when I've cleaned and/or I'm about to welcome company (cue laughter). Not much of either is happening these days.

...when a magazine is coming to the house for a big shoot (don't get too excited, that's just a statement).

...for all of 15 minutes...or until someone walks on it & I have to straighten it for the umpteenth time that day.

But in reality, this is what the rug looks like 98% of the time....

I'm starting to question my decision to have even purchased this thing in the first place (or at least it's placement...2 days in & the thing is covered in dirt).

Looks like someone needs a rug pad...stat.


  1. looks fab! love the white and yellow chevrons, lovely!
    x kat

  2. you need to go by double stick wide table and stick it down!!! it looks great!

  3. Do this!


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