Monday, June 4, 2012

White & bright...the porch is ready for visitors!

I had every intention of posting an outside update last Friday...that is until Blogger ate my post before I hit publish. Messing with a fragile pregnant woman is not a good idea. Just ask the husband...he's exhausted trying to keep up with my range of emotions!

At any rate, let's move this along, shall we? I'm sure some of you saw that we did some work on the outside of the house recently. Does anything look new to you?

Since you can all read (the title of this post made it quite obvious, no?), you don't have to be that observant to see that we finally replaced the upstairs porch railing. It's about time! The old railing was rotting & not up to code. In fact, I'll never forget the exact words our inspector said when we bought this house..."you should probably get this replaced right really shouldn't invite children or drunk people out here". For reals, that's what he said. All joking aside, we took his words to heart and only invited are most well behaved (and sober) guests out onto the patio. It only took us 5 years, but we finally got around to updating things. Not only is it 1,000% safer up there, but it's definitely much better looking than what we had before (not that I'm biased or anything....just ask our neighbors, they like it too!).

This isn't the best picture of how things were looking, but this should give you somewhat of an idea of what was up there before...

The wear and tear of time & life definitely got to the old railing, and last year's roof replacement didn't help matters either.

Pretty, huh? Yikes, I know, that floor! The good news is that as ugly as things looked at that point, the roof itself was still in great shape. So we dodged a bullet there!

I don't know why, but I was totally petrified to stand out there to take these know, scared without the 'safety' of the completely unsupportive, rotting, not-up-to-code railing... 

We're totally pleased with the final results! We used the same contractor who replaced the steps and railing on our downstairs porch. Although, this time around they may have not as liked me as much, since I put the 'ol pressure on them to get the job completed for the home tour. Which was completed at 3:00 the day before the joke. Unfortunately, and old pic of our house (without the new railing) went into the tour guide. Oh well, the job was done right and on time, so I guess we can't complain!


The next step is to paint the off-white pillars a nice, crisp white to match the rest of the exterior. Which, the husband has plans to paint the entire house this summer. I know, he's nuts (and I'm just as nuts for not really caring at this point). I think he's biting off more than he can chew (would you look at the size of this place?!), but he's in nesting mode about as much as I am and feeling ambitious apparently!? I just hope baby has a daddy by the time this project is supposedly complete...

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