Thursday, October 11, 2012

And then things started coming together...sort of.

I wish I could be one of those people who blogs on the daily. But the reality is that with a baby on the way (in 2 weeks!), a full time job, keeping up the house, thank you's to write (from my showers a MONTH ago) and the need to just doesn't happen. Plus, I really don't have much exciting stuff to discuss everyday. I know, this is news to some of you who already know me. I come from a long line of talkers...the kind of talkers who are talented enough to talk and listen to the conversation next to them (and interject into said conversation when & if necessary, which is typically the case)!

But I digress. There's progress being made in the nursery. That's what you all came here for, no? At last you checked, things were looking a little um, well....not put together. At all.

But now we're ready to change some smelly diapers, amongst a lovely gallery wall! 

Everything is a thrifted find with the exception of the two large frames (from Target), the letter E (from Hobby Lobby) and the small silver frame (from West Elm). The large mirror was an $8 Salvation Army score that I sprayed pink. The federal style mirror was previously gold, but I felt the wall needed more white elements to white it became. I'm not in love with it, but it's staying for now. I figure I can always spray it gold when & if I change my mind (for $25, I'm not losing sleep over the state of this thing). The vintage ballerina was a Goodwill find that I'd originally purchased for the frame....but something told me to hang on to this gem, that one day we just might have a girl. Boy, I'm glad I predicted that one! I should start playing the lottery more. The smaller circular frames were $1 each at the Goodwill. I've had these for-ev-er...again, I was hanging onto them in the hopes that we'd have a girl. I changed out the random picture inside & replaced them with some fabric scraps. Easy peasy. Come to think of it, the details of this wall would have been a hell of a lot easier to explain with some close-up shots. Oh well, this is what you get when I grab the Iphone (in haste) 30 seconds before leaving for work.
I'm also totally happy with my decision not to paint the dresser. I was quite set on painting it white, but then my guilt complex took over & now I'm content with this decision (as is the husband). I decided to keep the existing hardware (and returned the Anthropologie ones last week). I'm still trying to decide if they are going to get some gold Rub 'N Buff. But for now, I think they'll stay as is (the black Target frame, however, will be getting a coat of that stuff this weekend).
And in a moment of haste (and some significant time spent on Pinterest) I decided to change out the frames over the crib. I liked them, but didn't love them....something just always seemed off.
So for a few dollars worth of embroidery hoops and some fabric scraps, we've got ourselves a new focal point over the crib.

I realized, after hanging them, that they're a little low. I might have to rethink the state of this wall when baby Keefe gets old enough to stand in her crib! But for now it stays, I'm loving it. One of the hoops was broken (something I didn't discover until I got home), so I'd still like to add another one to make the wall complete. But overall, I'm SO much happier with this wall than I was with the frames. So sad, bye bye frames. We'll find another purpose for you soon.
And the acrylic bookshelves are up! They're currently holding about 1/2 of the books we got for baby, but I'm thinking we can interchange them when we feel the need. I really stuffed those babies in there (trying to get bang for the buck!). I'm not sure how legit these shelves are...but so far nothing has come tumbling down...I'm hoping that's not the case anytime soon.

We'll be hanging window treatments this weekend, as well as my DIY mobile pom poms for over the crib. With any luck we'll have the light fixtures changed out this weekend too. And then baby can come home...but not a minute sooner (can you imagine having that much say in the matter?). 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday randomness

Okay, here we go. Lots of randomness on this here Friday...

First and foremost, I can barely see my feet. Which means we're in the homestretch here! THREE weeks and counting people!

dramatic, altered image to prove that I DO in fact have feet

And if I'm being honest, I'm scared out of my fool mind to have this baby. My doctor is hoping to induce me between 39-40 weeks. But unless anything is medically wrong, I'm putting my foot down, listening to my body & hoping baby makes her debut when she's good and ready. In other pregnancy related news, I'll be happy when I can one day put on my pants and shoes without feeling like I'm competing in the Olympics. For reals. Yes, it's selfish (I want baby out...sort of, but not really), but that's reality these days.
I decorated for fall. I don't know why. This stuff will probably still be up at Christmas. So please, don't judge.
I ordered these shelves earlier this week, and in a matter of days they showed up at my doorstep. I can't speak much for the company or the product, but if their prices and fast shipping are any indication, it's safe to say I'd purchase from them in the future. I found these via Freckles Chick who used them in her daughter's nursery...the power of the blog world, I tell you. This idea saved me a trip to our nearest Ikea (in Canada) for some other ledging I'd had my eye on. In fact, depending on how backed up customs is on a weekend, I'm willing to bet these shelves showed up a heck of a lot faster than I can get myself over the border...  

I also ordered this for a whopping $13.50!
#8774 Bracelet T-Bar
I desperately need to get my jewelry organized since I've moved everything out of baby's room. We're running out of space in this house. We really need to move (another story for another day), but since that's not really in the cards for us right now, I've been forced to come up with creative solutions for storage. In a perfect world, I'd use my quiet weekend to my advantage and organize every last inch of this house. But for now I'll start small...with an acrylic bracelet holder.....
The husband is away this weekend (and he took the dog too...peaceful heaven on earth!), so some girlfriends are coming over on Saturday night. I'm thinking to make these...
Pinned Image
I'm putting all my pinning to good use...we'll see what the verdict is. If the picture is any indication, I'm thinking these are going to be goooo-oood. Yum.
And with that, I'm off to enjoy my productive, peaceful weekend!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Epic fail

Remember this $7.99 Salvation Army find?

Yep, just clasify this project as one And to think I sacraficed the yoga pants, all for nothing! I had intended to rewire this lamp from the very beginning--not only for safety reasons (it was pretty old & crusty), but also because a 3-way setting made much more sense for late night feedings. I'm no stranger to rewiring lamps, but this baby proved to be too much of a challenge for your's truly. After undoing the existing wiring, try as I might, I could not get the new wiring threaded through the base of this lamp. After trying unsuccessfully 3,298 times, I figured the only option was to hack this thing in two. But at some point you learn to cut your losses, and instead go straight to Target for a replacement...  

It was an unexpected $68 I hadn't planned to fork over for a lamp. But since everything in the nursery (with the exception of the crib) is a budget/thrifted/Craigslisted find, I suppose $68 was a small price to pay in the end. It sure beats the $350 price tag for the West Elm lamp that I've had my eye on forever. I'm still debating it's prescence and placement in this room. But maybe that's just me being indecisive. Not to mention this room has gone from bad to worse in the last week. Don't believe me? Well, check 'er out!   
I keep telling myself that things have to get worse before they can get better. Right? We've gotten 95% of the husband's wardrobe out of this room, and into his new closet in another room. Closet space is at a premium in this household, so transitioning him to another room has been nothing but a challenge. Almost daily (without fail) I find him going into the nursery and then exclaiming, "this is NOT my closet anymore". Like a daily affirmation of sorts....
I intended to paint the dresser white, but had a massive guilt complex a few days ago (this was the husband's dresser since he was little). As much as I would have loved to paint this thing, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Which I think relieved the husband as much as it did me (yay--one less thing to do in here!). So I went to Anthropologie at lunch and bought a bunch of new hardware...which took me no less than 30 minutes to make a decision. And now I'm pretty sure I don't like any of what I purchased, and therefore a return trip to Anthropologie is in my near future. Pregnant people shouldn't have to make such intense decisions....
Besides, we'd rather be dressing up in our Halloween costumes or taking naps! 
Yep, this is how we entertain ourselves around here. 

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