Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nursery progress

Yep, that's all you get for a title today. Creative, no. Straight and to the point, yes.

At some point I intended to do a little update with all the DIY things I'm working on for the nursery. Then last week a tornado. I'm trying to balance work, two doctor's appointments a week, a maternity shoot (I hope to have pictures to share soon!), and then we were both in our friends' wedding this past weekend.

And yes, this is the only photo you're getting. I'm slightly mortified by how large my face has grown over the last 8 months.Yikes.
Anyway, without further ado, here's how things are currently looking in the nursery. I'm a little behind in terms of being at this point ("ready" as in D-O-N-E), but slowly but surely we're getting there. We'd better's 4.5 weeks and counting folks...


We still need to change out the light fixtures, hang some window treatments (another DIY I've dreamed up in my head!), finish the DIY pom pom mobile that will hang over the baby's bed (holy crap, wait until you get the lowdown on those things....holy time consumption!), order & hang some shelving for books, paint the dresser, and last but not least....put stuff away! I'm so ready for the closet and drawers to be organized alright, already.
In the meantime, I'll share two super easy DIY projects I've already completed for the room. Can you guess what they are? If you said the frames above the bed, and the side table...well, 2 points for you!
The frames were $2.99 each from Christmas Tree Shops. They looked a little something like this when I purchased them...
I loved the size, but the peace sign? Not so much. I bought 6 of them figuring I would find a way to get rid of that god awful logo, and if not...all 6 were going back. 

And just as I dreamed in my head, they were super easy to remove. Peace out, peace signs! The frames then got a few coats of glossy white spray, but when I got around to actually hanging them, the white was way too white. I'm aware that my second attempt at changing up these things meant that they'd turn out to be the exact same color of the walls (what are the odds?), but they're much better than the stark white version that were staring at me before. Also, I'm too exhaused to care at this point. For now, the frames are holding some extra scraps of fabric. I'll probably add some of our maternity photos when we get those back from the photographer.
Anyway, moving along. Any guesses what this cute little side table used to be? Yep, a $19.99 hamper (or is is a garbage can?) from HomeGoods. I gave it a few coats of gold spray & for $30-ish the guys at my local hardware store cut a piece of glass for the top. I opted for a fairly thick piece, which drove up the price. But we're taking no chances here. At this point I'm actually wondering how long it will take for the husband or myself to break it during late night feedings...
You may recall that I'd was in the major throws of a side table conundrum, but in the end, this DIY project was more fun & cheaper than my original plan. Plus, I'm pregnant and change my mind on a daily basis. So there. 

So there you go! The current state of the nursery. I'm hoping to tackle more stuff this week and weekend...I'm getting larger by the day & my comfort level is basically non-existent, so tackling projects is only 800 times harder than they would have been if I'd gotten my ass going on the nursery earlier. Coulda, woulda, shoulda!


  1. The nursery looks awesome!! I love the bumper (and the elephant)! ;)
    Great job w/ the table too! Very clever!

  2. Just curious how you secured the glass to the table...I really love this idea!!

    1. Thanks Erica! The glass top is currently not secured...I know, not smart. I initially used rubber stopper-like "beads" that I got at Home Depot. But I found the glass was no more secure and actually shifted out of place once I put those on. We don't use the table much right now, but when Emme starts moving & shaking we'll have to come up with plan B, if not having to move the table out of there all together...


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