Monday, September 17, 2012


Well, it seems I'm a bit overdue for an update these days. So much for my promise of "exciting daily nursery posts!" I should know better to make promises...

Anyway, this post is going to be all sorts of random, since it seems like the last week has been a bit of a whirlwind, and I'm in MAJOR nesting mode. I'm a type-A, organizational freak on a normal day...but throw in pregnancy and it's gotten worse! I've realized that nesting is really difficult when 8 months pregnant. It's getting harder and harder for me to manuever when doing daily, mundane tasks let alone decorating a nursery and organizing every last drawer and closet in our home. Want to see why?

Hello classy work bathroom shot! Also, I don't know why I look so mad in this photo...maybe it's because I feel like a fat guy in a little coat...remember that from Tommy Boy? I sing it in my head everytime I put this thing on. It looks cute & seems like a good idea....until I actually have to wear it.  


The husband was gone for part of the weekend, which is why I got to make things like this...yum, so good (btw--this would be considered a snack to him)...

As a total side note, I've become completely obsessed with Natalie's blog...a lot of good things going on over there...
It was Navy week in Buffalo! Aside from a morning of shopping to beef up my fall wardrobe, my mom and I took a spare minute to venture out to the of my few breaks from working at the house this weekend. Which was a productive one, mind you. But breaks are good for my sanity.


We also introduced this little gem into the baby's room...
It was a Craigslist find that I scored for $20 (!!!) about a month ago. If I'm being honest, this is not what I'd envisioned for the nursery (I was thinking something big, comfy, tufted, etc.) nor do I know if this is even going to be comfortable or work for us in the end. But we're on a budget here, and this fit the bill. Not to mention I love the details. AND it was in perfect condition folks, perfect! I never actually met the seller since she wasn't home at the time of pick up, but she sounded young and just wanted to unload this chair because she was moving (about a week later I found the same chair from another seller on Craigslist for $50!). I told the husband that if we don't end up using this, was only $20. I certainly won't be crying over spilt milk.   

I opted not to paint it like I'd originally planned. Not only would it be time consuming, but there are way too many white elements being added to this room. So a white chair (which is what I'd envisioned) just wasn't in the cards here. I'm planning to live with things as is for now...again, this chair may or may not pass the comfort and practicality test once baby arrives.  
Assuming I don't nest myself into one big pregnancy nap, I'll be back tomorrow to share some easy-peasy, affordable DIY projects! I mean, SO easy they shouldn't even be considered DIY... 



  1. Did you get your hair cut? It looks super cute in that picture (as does the rest of you!) And I love the chair!

    1. Nope, same old hair (just got a trim about a week ago)!I'm not sure why it looks different in this pic, but it does!?

  2. I love that chair! The curves on the bottom are great!


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