Monday, September 10, 2012

Learning to go with the flow (and a nursery update!)

Seven weeks from today, I'm scheduled to have a baby. Or something like that. If only these things were a bit more predictable, right? The 'have a plan for everything' gal (who carries her planner around religiously now thanks to weekly doctor's appointments) can't seem go with the flow. Call it nesting, or call me crazy....either way, that's how I'm feeling these days.

Lately I've been totally overwhelmed with a list a mile long of things I'd love to accomplish before baby arrives. Of which, the husband informed me last night that none of that stuff is important. And he's right. Our house is sloooowly closing in on us (could it be the ridiculous amount of baby gear that's taking over?), but since we're not in the market for a new house, I just have to deal. I've been ordered for weekly non-stress tests at the hospital from now until when the baby arrives (at 35 years, I'm old y'all!), and baby passed today's test with flying colors. She's definitely the husband's child...just go with the flow....

I've been tackling the nursery one day at a time. It seems like I'm making zero progress in there, when in actuality that's not the case. But I figured it's now or never for an update on this space! Of course, before pics would have been nice (when the nursery served as a spare bedroom), but instead you're getting a glimpse of the room in it's current state....


It's really difficult to get a decent shot of this room (it's really small), but there you have it! We're currently working on the closet--priming, painting, adding some simple shelving and another hanging rod. I'm thinking that will work much better than the one shelf, one hanging rod we had going on when the husband's clothes were hanging in there.
The shear curtains are going, going, (soon to be) gone. The husband will thank me later when the new blackout panels will help the baby sleep more. Or at least that's what we keep telling ourselves.
We didn't bother to change the wall color (Napery by Sherwin Williams). I tried my darndest to find a pale pink to match the fabric that will be incorporated into the space, with very little luck. But this color coordinated just fine. Which means one less project to have to tackle in this room! And that's all right by me.
The dresser still needs to be painted. That's a project scheduled for this weekend. Again, something else I just keep saying to make myself feel better.
The white frames above the crib are a little project I took on this week. They are uneven & one frame has yet to be hung because when you live in a 100+ year-old home, hit a stud all the freakin' time every now and again when trying to hang something. I'm planning to give that last frame another chance this week. I'm just hoping the hanging 'mobile' that I'm creating (one of the many things I've got going on at the same time) will cover up my crappy hanging job.
And see that nice, soft, white, NEW area rug? Well, the dog peed on it yesterday. We.can'
The end.

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