Friday, May 18, 2012

Seeing green

We've been super busy this week getting ready for Sunday's house tour. Who knew getting your house ready to show was so. much. work? I'm fairly certain this is the most clean & organized our place is ever going to be. Or at least until we sell it one day!

At any rate, I wanted to take a quick break to share an update to the entryway....a little change that's made this space complete! When this picture showed up on Janice's blog, I was super embarrassed. Sure, the focus was on the floors, but would you get a load of that cabinet?


It was my $35 faux painted, missing a back & has no shelves find. A beaut, right? This thing has been hanging out in our front entryway for the better half of 5 months and really needed a paint job. Unfortunately, I was too busy sleeping during my first trimester. And when I woke up I wasn't able to work with oil based paint. So I enlisted the help of my mom who painstakingly primed for me.

The original plan was to strip the paint....but that just sounded too exhausting and time consuming. So we went the oil based adhering primer & a whole lot of sanding route instead. It didn't produce the most professional of results (what do you want...this cabinet was a $35 dinged up mess), but I must say I'm super happy with the end results!

I styled and re-styled the top of this chest over & over, but nothing was clicking with me. I worked with what I had on hand, but ultimately it was these peonies from Michael's that did the trick. I'm not normally a fake flower person, but these I liked. I paired them with an old vase that we were using to collect wine corks. Voila--styling complete! 

The color is Lime Twist by Valspar--thanks to the green March issue of House Beautiful for that suggestion! But oh my god, this thing was a huge pain in the ass to paint. It required 1 coat of primer & 3 coats of paint. I think it speaks to the quality of the paint (I'm not a huge Valspar fan, unless it comes in the form of spray paint), and the fact that this chest is way more detailed than it looks! All the nooks, crannies, twists and turns...this baby has me longing for a quality spray painter. One of these days...

Anyway, there's no rest for the weary...I'm back to getting this house into shape! Hope to see some of you on Sunday!


  1. hey katie! my mom just stopped by your home for the home tour and, this may be creepy, but she just called me gushing about how darling your apartment was and that i MUST check out your blog! ha i'm a fellow blogger, as well, so i appreciate all the work that goes into it. your home is DARLING! just wish i could've been there to see it in person. much love to you! feel free to stop by my blog sometime- i'd love it! xo

  2. hello!
    i just found your blog thru house of fifty -
    love this post - great job! i noticed you are in Buffalo! i live in Skaneateles...
    ( and went to RIT ) i look forward to following!

    1. So glad you found me! Oh my, Skaneateles...a little slice of heaven (and that includes Mirbeau!). Was just there in December for a lovely weekend! Can't wait to check out your blog!!

  3. Thank you for listing the paint colour - this is stunning! Beautiful colour scheme & focal point!

  4. I absolutely love this is inspiring me to maybe do my bathroom this way. Would you be able to tell me the name of the wallpaper you have up?

    1. Hi Jessica! I don't know the name of the print, but I ordered it through Sherwin Williams (it was also available through Lowes). I know it's on the SW website when you search their wallpaper section (when you chose the color black as your search). Sorry I don't have the name. Hope that info helps!

    2. Thank you so much Katie! I will definitely check it out and if I go that route I'll send you a pic ;)


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