Sunday, November 14, 2010


...of this:

photo courtesy of Young House Love
When in reality, things are looking more like this:

Not bad, huh? Can you even remember we had a door where the fridge currently resides?! It's an entirely new space! So yeah, we're making progress...slooowly but surely. Actually, we're further ahead of schedule than I originally anticipated, which is great. Unfortunately, I'm getting antsy. We could really use a sink (that's due to come with the countertops in approximately 2-3 weeks), and I'd love to start picking out paint colors, window treatments & accessories (oh my!). But in reality I'm busy scheduling electrical inspections, countertop measurements, and trying to figure out why the cabinet company sent us too much crown molding instead of the base molding we should have received. Which, let me tell you, fitting a 7 ft. long box of crown molding into my little conversion SUV (to return to Home Depot) was not, I repeat, not easy. Come tomorrow, this should make driving with this thing (poking into my face) mildly entertaining, to say the least.

And for those of you who had a chance to read my post with handy-dandy tips to keeping a clean home, check out the current state of our abode:

And that's only a snippet of what our entire house currently looks like. The mess extends into most of our home, along with an inch of dust lying on every square inch of every last darn surface around here. So yeah, it's safe to say all bets are currently off when it comes to the "rules" of keeping a pristine home...

And remember this oldie but goodie?

I posted it to Craigslist late last week & received a call from a man in Canada who was remodeling a cottage and thought it would be the perfect fit for his home. After e-mailing him dimensions & specifics, I proceeded to google this man (who's a fashion photographer in Toronto) for a good 15 minutes. The husband thinks I'm nuts. But here's the thing...I need to know what this person looks like if he's potentially coming to my home & planning to scam me. Or worse. Can you imagine?! Ugh, I watch entirely too much Dateline. At any rate, I'm sure this man is charming, and amazing, and is willing to lug this cast iron mess off our property...with relatively no drama or police report necessary.

And on that note, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I'm hoping to post more this week--life got a little crazy last week with multiple contractors trapsing through our home at any given moment of the day. But since we're in a bit of a stand-still for the next couple of weeks, life should resume to normal. Whatever "normal" is around these parts. If there is such a thing?!

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  1. Wow that's going fast! It will look great in the midst of preparing my Turkey!!


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