Friday, November 5, 2010

Photobooks, christmas cards & enlargements...oh my!

We recently welcomed this fabulousness into our home:

photography by Susie Campbell
 812 photos to be exact...our professional wedding pics have arrived! In the words of my friend Jen, "your photographer rocked it!" We waited 5 long months for these, but they were well worth it!

So now begins the task of sorting through said photos for the purpose of photobooks, enlargements & our Christmas card. Which, I need to get on these soon as the holidays are right around the corner! Actually, they're knocking at my door & I'm hiding under the covers in an attempt to avoid them. I've been doing some research on photobooks, but I can't seem to narrow down my decision (it's a toss up between Kodak or If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions in the arena of photobooks, please enlighten me! Again, marrying the husband was easy. Deciding on a photobook = impossible.

In other exciting news, my inner electrical geek has come out to play. We're getting the entire house updated today!! Bye, bye fuses...hello shiny new electrical boxes! Just to give you an idea of what the electrician is up against, here's the ancient before:

I'll be sure to update the 'ol blog with after shots once the job is complete!

And with that, I hope you all have a great weekend! I'd better hurry it along, as we'll be without electric soon. Better get on that vacuuming while the gettin's good!


  1. I'm so excited to see all 800 pictures!

  2. GORGEOUS wedding pics!! The fuse box photos aren't too shabby either :-)


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