Thursday, November 18, 2010

The post where I talk about a lot of random things

Has anyone seen the show Pure Design on HGTV? I happened to catch it for the first time while I was home waiting for my Canadian Craigslist friend to arrive (more on that in a minute). The show's concept is simple: eco friendly decor, without sacraficing high style. While I don't necessarily consider myself eco-friendly (I know, bad Katie!), I do love the idea of recycling old pieces and making them your own. Which is a no-brainer way to make a space looked lived in and unique, similar to this room:

photo courtesy of HGTV

So as luck would have it, our Canadian Craigslist friend didn't end up buying the cast iron sink unit afterall (insert sad sigh here). I suppose my fears of being scammed or taken out were the least of my worries. Despite getting lost on the way to our house & arriving late, in the end he decided the sink was too much work for him. Which is fair enough. I'm just happy to be alive! Now the plan is to donate it to a local habitat/re-use facility, where I'm sure it will eventually find a great home. Again, the goal is to just get it off our hands...where it ends up is anyone's guess!

In other news, we were measured for countertops today! An install date is TBD, which is making me antsy. If you had to live with an extreme lack of useable work space, I'm sure you'd feel the same. At the very least we'd love a sink. But since it will be installed & arriving with the countertops...well, we're one big sink-less duo in the meantime.

I also purchased these christmas ball vases yesterday:

Fun, huh?! Even more fun is the fact that they were a DOLLAR each from Christmas Tree Shops (who's name is completely ironic, given the upcoming holiday). My initial thought was to use spray adhesive & coat them with glitter. But when I got them home I decided they were festive enough in their current state. I'm thinking these will be making an appearance in our day-to-day decor, long after the holidays have passed. Holiday decor that doubles as everyday decor (for the low, low price of $3!) = a major score in my book!

And on the agenda this weekend...LOTS of cleaning! Since Thanksgiving is a week away (say what now??) & we have some down time before we resume kitchen work...I figured it's now or never to whip this place into shape! Either that or our family will be sitting on baking dishes come Thanksgiving day. The husband's goal for this weekend? To finish Project Hallway for the love of god! It should be noted that he's out of town this weekend, so the pressure of finishing this space falls solely on my shoulders. Which is exactly the push I needed to get this area cleaned up! I'm ready for it to be finished, and to check an "in progress" project off the 'ol to do list.

And if you've made it this far in Katie's random rants post...CONGRATS! It's time to grab yourself a cocktail & absorb all that information. I promise to check back with a less scattered post next time around, as well as some progress on the 'ol hallway. Wish me luck!

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