Wednesday, November 17, 2010

'tis the season

Who's ready for Christmas? Not me! Whatever happened to Thanksgiving?? If I missed it, then I'm gonna be really upset. Especially since I never got to put that fabulous table scape together. Heck, I can barely find our table, let alone design a table scape. Maybe missing out on Thanksgiving wasn't such a bad thing afterall...

Since when did everyone become so anxious to rush the season? I suppose it gets worse & worse each year. But I can tell you I was totally not prepared for the big box stores to be stocking their shelves with ornaments & festive what-nots in October (we had barely thought to rake our leaves at that point!). Nor was I prepared to hear holiday tunes as I drove to work today. And what about the lady buying pointsettas at Home Depot this afternoon? Um...excuse me for asking, but won't those be dead by next week?!

I can't tell a lie though...I have begun to think about Christmas gifts. If I didn't start making lists & gathering ideas for everyone, I can confidently tell you I'd be majorly unprepared come December 25...and in the midst of one big holiday meltdown. While the husband & I decided not to exchange big gifts this year, that doesn't mean I can't put together a dreamy wish list, right?

(The appropriately named) Kate frame from Zgallerie

Personalized Octopus-Moderne stationary from Rock Paper Scissors

Vintage candlestick holders--like these from Etsy seller KlinesJewelry
Floral beaded headband from Forever 21

Sequin panel cardigan from Charlotte Russe

Now if that festive (and somewhat selfish) wish list doesn't scream happy holidays, I don't know what does! Happy shopping to you & your's....minus any meltdowns of course (that goes for me too). And when all else fails, grab a holiday cocktail. It's nature's cure-all.

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