Thursday, July 19, 2012

I've got it in the bag

Tonight we begin the daunting task of registering for this little bambino. And by 'we' I'm referring to myself, sans husband. How he got so lucky as to get out of this one, I'll never know (all joking aside, I actually told him he didn't have to come). Really, it's for the best. I find places like Babies 'R Us tough enough to navigate when all I need is a god forsaken simple gift for someone's shower. Can you imagine the husband tagging along to register for things like breast pumps, diaper genies & swings?

I've asked my mom & sister to come along, and I've asked everyone I know via Facebook (you know, the end all, be all when it comes to life's most puzzling questions) for 'must have' baby suggestions. Man, my friends are awesome. I asked, and they offered. To the point where it's super helpful, but at the same time oh so overwhelming. In short, this is like studying for a big multiple choice exam, where every question has 35 possible answers. In the end, it's tough to know what will work for us when the baby actually gets here. So the plan is to have everyone's must-have items in the back of my head, while at the same time winging it and registering for things that I feel will work for us (we'll see how that plan goes?!)...

Since my friends & family did the dirty work for me, this leaves me plenty of time to think of more important know, like a fashionable must-have diaper bag. Everything I've found is either too cutesy or blah, and screams 'diaper bag!' Until I stumbled upon Timi & Leslie bags which are legit diaper bags with style!



Don't believe me? Check out the inside!

See? Roomy! These seem no different than the larger-than-life handbags I'm currently toting around. Except for these look like they have more compartments. Right now I'm leaning towards the second one--the Charlie--color still TBD. I'm told they're sold at our local Babies 'R Us, but we'll see about that. I should also mention that Timi & Leslie didn't pay me to say this stuff...a simple Google search turned up these babies & discovering them was like winning the diaper bag lottery. 

If you have one of these bags, or can recommend something just as stylish...spill the beans people! Knowledge is key, whether it's about a crib sheet or diaper bag...just sayin'.

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