Wednesday, June 19, 2013

House hunting

Get ready for a wordy post folks, because this family (points to self) is officially in the market for a new house. We actually started the whole house hunting process back in February--when the husband informed me that he had contacted a realtor who was coming over to take a look at our house, like, um...that next night. Say what now?

We've always known this isn't our forever home, as our living space is comfortable, but not large by any stretch of the imagination (adding a baby into the mix only drove home that point). But look, this mama ain't looking to move anytime soon. Besides, just weeks before meeting with the realtor I got on a major purging kick. It's what I like to refer to as the 'everything must go, we must clean, organize and ship it off to Goodwill' mode. I became a borderline hoarder when I was pregnant...must be I was coming out of my new mommy haze, and finally got my wits about me to get all of this shit out of here. Aiming to live simply, I was.

Our realtor gave us good news. Really good news, in fact. He offered to list our house for significantly more than I'd imagined. Makes you feel good about all that love & hard work you put into a place. But again, this mama ain't really ready to move--a point I drove home to our realtor no less than 6,402 times during our meeting. But as resistant as I was to moving (the thought makes me a bit--okay a lot--emotional), I couldn't help but get a little excited at the thought of a new home.

We've already seen some places--some we've both hated, some we both liked (but were sadly over budget) and another that I loved but the husband did not. The husband is the first to admit he can't see past the awful. Me? Well, I totally envisioned us living in the House 'o Liberace. But I guess buying a house is a big enough decision that you should both be on board, right? I can usually win when it comes to what color we'll paint a room, or what throw pillows we'll toss on the couch. But in this case my other half won (Spoiler alert: House 'o Liberace sold just weeks later...evidentally to someone who saw past the ugly, or at the very least loved mirrors on every.single.wall in the house).

I should mention that our house is not currently on the market. It's also worth mentioning that there's really not much out there. Well, at least to our liking. We're looking at two desirable & in-demand know, with everyone else in Buffalo. So I guess for the time being, we're not moving. Or looking (but really we're always looking even if we're not looking...did you get that?).

My mind kind of exploded at the thought of making any changes to our house when we were thinking about a move. But now that we're at a house hunting stand still, girlfriend is all about making some changes! First off, we're getting the kitchen floors replaced next week. Yep, the floors in that room we had remodeled almost 4 years ago now (hello, embarrassing admission!). I'm also tweaking some pieces that won't be coming with us...nightstands for our bedroom--finally!--that have been collecting dust in our garage since last summer, I'm changing up a wall in the kitchen (that was in desperate need of a makeover), and I've also gotten to work on Emme's play room (aka the old scrapbooking room). Here's a crappy shot of how things are looking right now...

It's hard to believe this is the smallest room in the house & I can already see that it's going to take me the longest to finish (there's only so much Baby Einstein I can force let my child watch). I'm using Behr paint which (in my opinion) is pretty much the suckiest paint on the planet (eh...have Home Depot credits, will use). It's hard to tell from this amazing shot, but the new color is a pale, pale pink. Ironically, a color I was thinking about for Emme's nursery way back when. Hello, full circle. I have no other plans for this room aside from wanting a taller book shelf. I love the one that's here now (my grandfather made these for me and my cousins way back when) but it's kind of dwarfed against this wall & likely going to get a complex.

I came across this idea earlier today. Um, amazing, right?

Modern Herringbone Shuffle Wall stencil by Bonnie Christine for Royal Design Studio
Granted, I haven't stenciled a wall since college (a pretty amaze-fest floral border). Something makes me think this will be a bit more complicated, but whatevs. I think it would be kind of fun as an accent wall. At the rate I'm moving along on this room, I might have to ship baby off to her grandparents' house for the weekend!?

Anyhoo, I'm alive & it feels good to be blogging today. And getting my ass in gear when it comes to tackling projects around here. Mama got her mojo back!


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