Thursday, April 3, 2014

Additional ramblings (otherwise known as "Remember when I used to DIY?")

Anyone remember when I started this blog and talked about DIY, décor and all the fun stuff we were doing around the house?

Yeah, me either.

The truth of the matter is that stuff just isn't happening anymore. With a toddler, it's practically impossible. Not to mention I've lost most of my motivation when it comes to making any changes or updates to this house. Folks, we've pretty much done it all. And at the recommendation of our realtor, it's wise of us to stop. We're currently still (very much) on the house hunt. But it's slow going, and slim pickings these days. And did I mention we're picky? I'm pretty sure our realtor sits in his office & shakes his head with each house we turn down. You know, when he's not out selling houses to clients who aren't lunatics.   
So since I don't do anything décor related anymore and some people seem to enjoy when I ramble (or maybe that's just me), let's do this again, shall we?

So my beloved Dayton Flyers didn't advance to the Final Four. I'm sad. Who doesn't love a Cinderella story? It was a good run Flyers, good run. Does anyone else have any weird superstitions? Because I do. I made a conscious effort not to wash Emme's UD t-shirt during the tourney. And yes, I can see all of you think-a-lots out there examining this one. I let my child wear a dirty shirt three times over the course of two weeks. What's impressive to note is that I'm remarkably good at keeping a clean child, so no one was really the wiser. But last week I decided it was a little gross to keep up this charade. The husband was like, "no, you can't wash it!" and I was all, "ahh, whatever...our child's not a hobo" (or something like that) and into the wash it went. And believe it or not, deep down, the crazy woman inside of me thinks that washing the shirt had something to do with Saturday's loss. I know, have another cocktail Katie (don't worry, I did).

My child. Wearing a clean t-shirt.
So the day prior (the same day as the 'Great T-shirt Wash of 2014') my lovely came down with a cold. She recovered in time for her bestie's 1st birthday party the next day (whew), but after a horribly long, painful day (for me), I decided she needed a little Triaminic to help her sleep. The two night's leading up to that evening weren't pretty. So some cough meds were really the only answer at that point. Anyway, the administration of the medicine didn't go so well, and most of the Triaminic ended up on the back of her head (don't ask). Let's just say this, the following night I decided the "come out of nowhere and pin your child down while she's watching Disney Jr." method wasn't the correct approach. The following morning, her head was a crusty, grape scented mess. And this is what she looked like after I attempted to comb her hair:

Which brings me to my next point. I've heard this stuff is great. I'm thinking about trying it.

It says, "For curls, tangles, frizzies and bed head". SOLD. If all goes according to plan & this stuff works, I'm thinking to convince the company that this should be their before pic:

And! Because at some point (in 2014) I'm planning to share pictures of Emme's playroom, I'll leave you with this sneak peek...

And no, my princess isn't sitting pretty and having tea parties all the live long day. But for the short moment that this room appeared put together...ahhh, it sure was nice. More to come!

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