Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just when you thought City Dwellin' had been abandoned...

...I'm back! And I realized (after looking through random photos of our pets on my Iphone) that I had taken pictures of the new throw pillows for the master bedroom makeover awhile ago. Ooops. My bad. Get with it Katie!

Anyhoo, remember this fabric?

The fabric that when I last spoke about it still had not arrived from Calico Corners? Well, low and behold, all it took was walking the dog on a different route, past our house to find the package of fabric just sitting on our front porch. I still have no clue how long it had been there, since we don't use the front porch regularly. Nor did UPS or Calico Corners bother to notify me when it was going to ship (or when it had arrived, for that matter!).

Anyway, I quickly shipped off the goods to my mom so she could get crackin' on some throw pillows. And days later, this is what we ended up with...

I must say, I'm quite pleased with how well the fabric ties in the gray of the walls. I'm still not in love with this duvet (there, I said it). I suppose had I gone with another wall color I'd feel differently. But since it's much easier to one day buy a new duvet vs. repainting an entire bedroom....we're living with the stupid duvet for now.

This project also bears mentioning that I'm a hoarder of down pillow inserts, yet didn't have any spares floating around when it came time to tackle this little project. The easiest way to nab yourself a good old fashioned down insert? Just find yourself an ugly cheap pillow, remove the insert, and sew (or buy) yourselves a new cover! I purchased these pillows for $18 each at Homegoods. In this case, the old covers were of the neutral, Ralph Lauren variety (which I actually wound up saving for possible future use). But any old nasty looking (but not actually nasty) pillow will do! They just happened to have decent cheap ones the day I went looking.

So there you have it! One more project down, a million more to go! I probably should make a list of what we really want done in this would probably help keep me more accountable and organized (something that just isn't my strong suit lately). And then by the time 2014 gets here, there's the possibility of at least 3 more items being crossed off said list. Wishful thinking? Perhaps.

Happy almost TGIF!

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