Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 2

Day 2, and I'm back to work. Maternity leave is officially over. Of course, I use the term "leave" quite loosely, as I'm transistioning back to work on a part time basis for now. I'm starting out at two days, working up to three, and then four....you get the picture. I can't believe how fast all of this came up. Two & a half months went by in the blink of an eye, yet some days it seems like she was born two & a half years ago.

So here are some things I've observed now that I'm officially back to work. The stresses you left behind when you walked out that door are the same ones you'll return to (that nagging stress knot in my left shoulder is back y'all!). It's good to have an office with 4 walls and a door for the purpose of privacy & pumping. You'll wake up in the morning and have nothing (I repeat, nothing) to wear because not only are your work clothes not fitting the way they used to, you suddenly realize that your old wardrobe isn't pumping friendly either (and don't even think about putting those maternity clothes back on...they are no longer acceptable). You'll get nothing done those first few days because you'll spend all of your time talking and catching up with everyone after all that time away. And if you're not talking and catching up, well then it's taking you all day to sort through e-mails, and random piles of paper that made their way to your desk in your abscence.

A lot of people asked how my first day went. If I'm being honest, it went well. There were zero tears or anxiety. In fact, I sort of liked the "break". I'm pretty sure the words 'going back to work' and 'break' are a huge oxymoron, but it's the truth. Does that make me a bad mom to admit that I'm okay going back to work? I told the husband that going back allows me to focus & decompress...something I don't do very well while at home with a baby. Because honestly, my days at home are consumed with taking care of the baby, playing with baby, doing endless loads of laundry, picking up and cleaning, taking care of the animals, paying bills, and just trying to find the time to brush my teeth. For reals...I lose focus quite easily now that I'm a mom. Of course I should also mention that my mom is holding down the fort while I'm gone. And my short 15 minute commute allows me to come home when & if I need to (like today when Emme pitched a fit when taking a bottle...the same baby who we started on one bottle a day at 3 weeks and had zero problems up until it was time for me to go back to work). If I was shipping Emme off to daycare--a thought that breaks my heart--this would be an entirely different story. So in short, things are good.

I'll be back in a few days with pics of Emme's finished nursery! We're getting close to transitioning her into her own room...in order to regain our sanity. Okay, I kid, I kid! But mostly because it's time for Miss Emme girl to be in her own room. I'm sure this transition will totally shake up what little routine we've got going on...but at least we can look at pretty nursery pictures and pretend life is good!

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