Sunday, February 10, 2013

Emme's Nursery

Well, it seems I intended to share these photos much sooner. But battling a cold (sans meds for the safety of baby) while dealing with internet & cable issues at home (code for we have crappy service), and well...time just got the best of me. Yeah, yeah yeah. Let's just get to it, shall we? Afterall, if I don't do this now, we could be sending Emme off to college before we know it...

First off, I'd like to say photographer I am not. Emme's room is so small, I found myself lurking outside her door, perched on the dresser, and practically hanging outside a window trying to get decent shots of her space. But here goes...

Sigh. I love this room. It's the one space in the house that's "finished". Well, for the time being anyway. There's always some sort of tweaking that's taking place around these parts! This room is small and I had big (and many!) decor ideas to the point where my head was about to explode. But I stuck to a girly, vintage-y theme and just kind of went from there.

So for anyone who's curious, here's a source list...

Crib: Sparrow Crib by Oeuf purchased here
Bedding: made by my mom, fabric is Heather Bailey's Mockingbird (from the Garden District line)
Embroidery Hoops: Hobby Lobby (fabric is random scraps purchased at a local quilt shop)
Pom Poms: handmade using this tutorial found on Pinterest
Light fixtures: Home Depot
Rugs, Pillow & Lamp: Target
Rocker: Craigslist find
Side table: DIY project that I talked about here
Curtain panels: Target
Acrylic book shelves: Clear Displays
Dresser: the husband's
Letter "E": Hobby Lobby
Mirror & frames: thrifted, Target & West Elm
Tray: Target (used to be orange, I spray painted it white)
Metal basket: yard sale find

I'm currently having a love/hate relationship with the crib bumpers (sorry mom!). I'm starting to see why these things are on the verge of being banned everywhere. They're cute, but I find that Emme spends most of her time jammed up against them (hello, mommy heart attack!). And by the time morning rolls around, they are a crumpled mess. And for whatever reason, I have to remove the entire mattress when I want to change the sheet! For reals. So for now the bumpers are staying, but when it comes time to lowering the crib, I think we'll be getting rid of them.

And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the curtain panels that were also made by my mom. Each panel is a 72x120 tablecloth from Target. I got this brilliant idea that curtains were something we should DIY, but in the end I think this project cost me more than actual panels and they gave my mom nothing but grief (I wasn't actually sitting behind the sewing machine...but apparently polyester table cloths are a major pain in the ass to work with). Ah well, lesson learned. But a fun project to talk about, no?

I'm a little hesitant to talk about Emme's sleep patterns (in fear of jinxing anything we have going on), but since we're on the topic of her sleeping in her crib I must say the transition from bassinet to crib went really well. She goes down at night without a fight & wakes up only once a night to eat. The time varies...1:30, 4:00...she keeps mama guessing. And then she's up and ready to start her day by 7:00. We had a 3 night streak where she slept through the night (we!), but that jig is up. So we sort of have this night time thing down. For now. But naps during the day? That's an entirely different & painful story. She refuses to take a nap (tantrums, crying, full on resistance), so we're very much working on that one right now. I can tell you it's not going well. So I've been doing a little reading (and drinking) these days...

And because I can't go a post and not include the obligiatory baby picture, I'll share this photo from last weekend when we spent the entire day hunkering down, enjoying the warmth of the indoors while it was snowing outside. Baby leg warmers! I can barely stand it. I just wish her cute toes weren't cut off in this photo. I die!

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  1. Gorgeous! Photos are great-- I never would have known you have become a contortionist. By the way, changing crib sheets should be an Olympic sport. And it only gets better in the middle of the night!


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