Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Don't sue me

That's what I typically tell people who dare to use our front steps...

Well that was embarrassing. I guess I never realized just how trashy these things looked...but I bet our neighbors did! Okay, so let's get to it. We're replacing the front steps! I know, you can hardly imagine why, but it's happening. I'm sure it's obvious, but there are so many things wrong with these things. For starters, they're rotting faster than an idle banana. Secondly, not one of these steps are the same height. I'm not sure who was hired to build them at the time, but nothing is up to code here (a detail I was kindly reminded of by every contractor who stopped by). Lastly, I'm a big fan of symmetry, so the solitary pink & teal iron railing is outta here. See ya!

If you successfully make it up the stairs without sustaining an injury...congrats! You've made it to the front door!

Evidently, the door mat blew away in a wind storm & left quite an imprint in its passing. And since no one uses the front door...this is the first I'm seeing this myself. Awesome. I had good intentions of removing the old storm door last summer, but then chickened out for whatever reason. But this year I'm doing it! I'm not sure if we'll replace the door right away, but for now I love the idea of being able to see the original door when you come up the soon-to-be new & improved steps.

Of course, removing the door means no more of this...

Nothing says welcome to our home like a good spear to the gut! Or we could always charge admission upon entry. Apparently, this piece of the door also serves as a stadium turnstyle.

And I'm fully aware that removing the door means no one will get to see my creative sign that directs guests to our side door...

Don't fall off the steps on your way back down!

But WAIT....there really are doorbells at the front door!

I kid you not, I had no clue these even existed until 2 weeks ago! Well, that only took 4 years. I suppose it's time to finish painting the entryway stairs...it looks like we'll be using the front door more often!

I'll be back soon with progress pictures! But until then...please use the side door/doorbells.

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  1. This is just in time to reminisce about just under a year ago when we all traipsed down those stairs in high heels and long dresses (and in the rain, no less). Ah, the special skills required and the good times!


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