Tuesday, December 20, 2011

And then there was no tree

...in our backyard that is. Remember when we had a tree removed from the backyard, um, this past summer?

Well, months went by before they came out to remove the stump (after several empty promises & no-shows), but stump they did remove! It only took forever, but you know.

But see that small stick-like thing next to our neighbor's fence? Well, that small "stick" was actually a small tree that had sprouted sometime within the last year and was going to be an impossibility to get rid of without removing our neighbor's fence first (which was not happening...in fact, the house is a rental property & we don't even know who owns it). So with the promise that they'd return at some point to cut down said "stick", the wait was officially ON. Fast forward to December 20 and finally....oh yeah, wait for it...

The stick is gone...finally! It only took several threats of non-payment for them to finish the job. It's funny how dangling money over someone's head can convince them to actually do their job! Just barely of course. We had planned to contract this same company for landscaping (that was also supposed to happen this past summer) but now I'm having second thoughts. Obviously. But did you notice (minus the leaves) that the before pic is relatively similar to the after photo? Yep, no snow! December 20 and not a flake to be seen. Which just goes to show that it's not always snowing in Buffalo people. Just thought I'd point that out....

So how's that for some excitement today?! Here I thought I'd be sharing Christmas photos & stories on the 'ol blog this December...and instead I'm sharing tree trimming stories. Early Christmas present perhaps?!

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