Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas cards...coming to a home near you

Okay, not to all of you. Because I'm pretty sure I don't know every single person reading this here blog. But to my friends and family...they are coming. When exactly, I'm not quite sure. I'm usually on top of the card thing, typically sending them out the first weekend in December (even back in the days when I was crafty and would make my own cards!).

But this year I went the "get your ass to Barnes & Noble STAT" route. Surprisingly, the folks at B&N really came through for all of us lazy folks who hadn't gotten their acts into gear. Don't you love the owls? They're my thing lately. The "Keep Calm" motto is way over used (in my humble opinion), but I'm loving this take on it. Definite words of wisdom to live by this year....

Last year, our cards were a bit more fancy & official (if you will)...

We were newleyweds & felt the need to share it with the world! Oh my, did I love this card from Tiny Prints. Seriously, I could sing their praises until the cows come home (or the fat lady sings...whichever comes first). And no, Tiny Prints didn't pay me to say that. It's just that when you work with good people and good companies, you feel the need to share (equally amazing is their sister company, Wedding Paper Divas, from which we got our wedding invites & save-the-dates).  I opted not to go the photo route for our cards this year. As much as I love seeing the husband and myself in photos, I'm not sure other people are so interested (into ourselves much?). I mean, maybe I'm wrong here. But I think I'll hold off on another photo holiday card until we have kids one day.

And because I've been slacking at the blogging thing lately, I'll be back soon (by husband's orders!) to share pics of our place decked out for the holidays. And a tree story. Ooooh, yeah, that's a good one! And then before we know it, Christmas will be over & I'll be cursing that thing all over again....

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