Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday randomness...

Okay, hold on to your underwear. It's about to get random up in here....

So for starters, we got a new area rug for the living room. Last month we received reimbursement from our know, after the whole break-in fiasco. Aside from our big to-do (replacing the damaged door), we also intended to replace the rug. But lest you get yourselves too excited, we (actually, just me) decided to get the same 'ol rug we had in the first place. I know. Bor-ing!

(disclaimer--OLD PHOTO!--you didn't think our living area was currently this tidy, now did you?)
I had high hopes (and money burning a hole in my pocket) of purchasing something a bit different this time around. I searched West Elm, CB2, Pottery Barn (where the only rug the husband and I could agree on was $, no thanks), etc. And I was also this close to purchasing a lovely WHITE shag from Homegoods. But then I realized I have a husband, a dog, and the inability to take my shoes off before walking in the door. So in the end I ultimately hauled my ass back to Target, and $145 later we have our new-old rug. The end.

Did you know people are pinning my stuff on Pinterest? And by people I mean my cousins and two other people I don't know. But still...pretty cool, right? And this is coming from your's truly who still hasn't pinned a single thing to my account (note to self: take advantage of this upcoming long weekend and learn how to use Pinterest, alright already).

Ever get lost on the internet & in blogland (who me? never!) and suddenly feel your space and belongings don't measure up? Well, in and effort to keep things real (and make you feel better about yourselves), I present to you the current state of my office/craft room......brace, for real.....omg you guys...

Aside from learning how to use Pinterest this weekend, I know what else I'll be doing.

And last but not least, we have snow.

the view outside my office today

You guys, "sprinter" is o-v-e-r! Ugh.
So with that, I'm off to hunker down and keep it cozy! TGIF!

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