Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Start fresh

I've been feeling pretty inspired lately, and that's a cool thing. We had a fabulous Christmas, but let's face it...I'm done with the holidays. Not to mention those damn decorations that finally found themselves a home, tucked away in the attic. I'm guessing I'm not the only one who feels this way, right? Here's to a more tidy, organized and less cluttered 2012!

I've been thinking a lot these last few days about tackling some upcoming house projects, entertaining, decluttering the house & getting rid of stuff we just.don't.need (our attic is a hoarders fact, we're dangerously heading in that direction). I'm a firm believer that everyday is an opportunity to make changes, but there's just something really motivating about doing it at the start of a new year, no? I'm still perfecting my list of resolutions, but to give you an idea of what I've been working on, here goes nothing...

Floss more. Because everyone should be doing it really (at least that's what your dentist tells you). Yep, true story, I'm not a flosser. Which would explain why the husband asked what the hell I was doing last night.

Eat clean. I'm a fairly healthy eater by nature, but I married a foodie (and a darn good cook at that), so it's easy to be tempted now and again. I know, everyone vows to eat better & lose weight in the new year. But that's not my intention. The simple truth is that getting on track (when I've fallen off) is a pretty incredible feeling.

A new blog design. A new year, a new look...right? I'm currently exploring my options right now, but I'm definitely planning some upcoming changes to the 'ol blog. I love what I've got going on right now, but change is a good thing. I'm not exactly sure when it's all gonna happen, but consider this your notice.

Start pinning. In one of those you 'didn't see it coming' moments, I joined Pinterest. But don't ask me what that means because: 1) I haven't pinned anything, and 2) I don't know how it all works (which would explain my lack of pins). I suppose my next resolution should be something to the effect of Learn how to use Pinterest.

House projects. I wasn't very good about tackling my 2011 to-do list, which included (in my delusional mind) redecorating just about every last room in our home. This year I'm sticking to a simple, more managable list that includes a master bedroom makeover (finally...this one is way overdue), window treatments for the dining room (we've lived in our home for, ahem, over four shall we talk about what's really overdue here?), and a side entryway/hallway makeover (that includes finally covering that ugly drywall from a door enclosure during the kitchen makeover). And speaking of the kitchen, I guess another really good resolution would be to finally post kitchen pics on the 'ol blog. But let's not get ahead of ourselves here....

So here we go! Onward & upward, and ready to take on 2012! Even if it's already January 4. It's never too late to get started!

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