Monday, April 11, 2011

DIY planters

Happy post-weekend to all! So I know I promised photos of a little DIY project I gifted the husband for his birthday last week. And then that thing called life got in the way. Don't you hate when that happens?! So instead of rambling about how busy I am (and my need for a good glass of wine right about now!), let's get to the details!

I started out with some simple planters from Lowes...

A little chalkboard paint for "labels"...

Rocks for drainage...

And the finished product!

Okay, so the husband may have had an inkling he was getting the gift of herbs for his birthday. Especially after a lively discussion of sorts the weekend before (one of us may have been pouting & the other one may have raised their voice to get their point across...just saying). But I bet he never imagined there would be chalkboard paint involved! And no, your eyes don't deceive you...I have yet to officially "label" our herbs. Apparently, when you throw away props--including the chalk--from your wedding photobooth, there will in fact, be a shortage of the stuff when you really need it the most. In the meantime, we'll play the "Which Herb Is This?" game until I take the time to actually label the darn things.

And yes, the husband loved his DIY herb planter gift. The same gift I used that very night to make dinner, in fact! Which, for those of you wondering, went surprisingly well. Even if dinner itself was just so-so. I guess you can't expect too much out of a recipe that calls for low sodium marinara, right?  

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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