Monday, April 18, 2011

Take it outside

With warmer weather right around the corner (well, we was snowing here today), our thoughts will soon be shifted to outdoor work. Which always gives me a little anxiety this time each year. Our house is large (at least by our standards), and along with it's age--over 100 years--it requires lots of upkeep & maintenance. And of course, money to make that happen!

Last summer was a pivitol year for us. We finally rid ourselves of the giant weed garden we'd been so impressively cultivating for the last 3 years since owning the house. God bless my mom...she worked tirelessly to get our garden to the point where our neighbors were talking about it (and not in a bad way....imagine what they'd been thinking before?!). The only stipulation was that we were responsible for the upkeep. I'm happy to report the husband & I held up our end of the bargain.

But here we are again. Another year, another round of spring weeding & clean-up, mulching, mowing, get the picture. Additionally, we've got some BIG (quite literally) work coming up that I'll be sure to share soon! In the meantime, let's kick up our feet & do some outdoor dreaming, shall we?



Here's hoping for that warm weather soon...let the summer work begin!

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  1. So I hear that this post about outdoors may have been a little too timely, huh?


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