Wednesday, October 26, 2011

And then there was wallpaper...

We finished wallpapering the real, real entryway!

Remember the before?

And now...the after!

Pay no mind to the dangling light fixture in the last photo. The plan is to keep it dangling while I decide if I want to replace it with another sconce, or hire an electrician to come and install an overhead light (of which, there is currently none). Right now I'm leaning towards just replacing the sconce, as we have some upcoming events at our house (yep, we're tackling Thanksgiving again this year...this time with a kitchen!), and it's just the easier route at this point.

And those ugly doorbells? Yep, we gotta do something about those too. They're never used, so I'd sort of just like to get rid of them all together. But since I'm not an electrician and don't know a thing about that stuff, I'm hoping we can just find suitable covers & the husband can work his rewiring magic (you hear that husband?).

And for those of you wondering, the wallpaper is from Sherwin Williams and the book is called Ink. I think you can also find it at Lowes, but in this case, the price at Sherwin Williams was just a bit cheaper (with more personalized service...but that could just be my store!). This pattern definitely did not jump out at me online, but in person it had me at hello. Funny how things work out that way, huh?

And now the fun stuff begins! I'm working on some wall art, and crossing my fingers to find a great console table to complete the space (easier said than done!). I'll be sharing progress photos along the way!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Wow! I love the print...very sharp! Looks awesome! Great job!!


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