Wednesday, August 29, 2012

At least some form of progress is being made...

...even if it's lacking a mattress...

But we're getting there. This is a start, right?
Someone who's not so happy with the changes? This one...
We have her temporarily set up in this chair, slowly adjusting her to life without the bed. Poor Tiggy...this cat has been through more changes than she probably cares to remember, yet she continues to roll with the punches. Well, minus that little peeing episode in the hallway. You know, the one that forced us to go into a full-fledged renovation in the first place.
Which, speaking of, tomorrow is the carpet install! Praise Jesus. There is an end in sight to this awful, ridiculous makeover! I'll be back soon to share some updated pictures & stories. Because believe me, after last night, we have stories.
I'll also be sharing pics and updates on the nursery, because with less than 9 weeks to go (give or take) I've been diligently working every night on elements to the room. I can't wait to incorporate them into the space!

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