Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Project Hallway: Part Duex

Okay folks. Here we go. The latest & greatest (and quite possibly most scary) project to date...Project Hallway: part duex. A few weeks ago, I mentioned our latest ambitious efforts to tackle a side hallway remodel. It's not glamorous, stylish or fun. It's a purely functional space that's used-on-the-daily and needed some work STAT!

We (aka, the husband) ripped off the wallpaper, had the damaged moldings & door repaired (from last year's break-in), sanded the walls, skim coated them, and sanded them again for good measure. And then things hit a major standstill. The husband was out of town for the better half of 2 weeks, el prego was unable to help, and then it got so damn hot that doing anything other than sitting inside the fridge seemed like a good idea. 

And then several weeks ago the cat peed on the rug. Yep, that's right. Our cat that minds her own business & has never given us so much as a problem, got pissed off by all the mess (quite literally) and then got herself a urinary tract infection in the meantime. We had already planned to tear out the carpeting ourselves (there I go again with the 'ourselves' reference, when again, this is the husband's doing) to see if hardwood was underneath. But sadly, we recovered linoleum--circa 1970's--instead.




The dog found it necessary to be in every photo I took, so there you go. There's only so much yelling I can do around here. Not to mention that doing so in this hallway is really LOUD. Which is one of the reasons we're having carpeting installed soon. We need some sound absorption in here asap!

It took us no less than 5 minutes to decide on our options. I only bothered to bring home two samples, since low-pile, high-traffic carpeting all looks the same. 

In the end, we decided to go with the dark brown/grey option you see in the upper lefthand of the second photo. At $2.19 sq./ft. (including installation) it's significantly cheaper than the top option at $2.77 (and much better looking too). Don't bother to ask me who makes this either....I think Shaw, but I could be wrong. Let me say it again...all low-pile, high-traffic carpet looks the same people.

So there you have it. The (not so) latest and greatest update on the side hallway. With the husband out of town this week for work, we've hit another standstill, but hope to get priming and painting next week. And hopefully have some carpet installed in the next few weeks too! Slow and steady wins the race....


  1. I love the way Harvey has his head tipped in that first photo, as though he's saying, "So this is what you've been working on!"

  2. So much work! It's funny I just decided to finally paint my apartment entry way after about a decade. My dad has been on me about it looking awful for years. Scrap and paint is all I need to do but ugh. Good luck it will look great!


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