Friday, August 24, 2012

Project Hallway (Part Duex) progress

This is a post about For reals people. But we're getting there...slowly but surely.

door to our unit

the view from our unit door
the attic door & utility closet adjacent to our unit
heading downstairs to the lower unit
entry into the house
lower unit entryway
Props to the husband who's been working tirelessly on this project. Which is probably why it's taking so long, since 'el prego can't be in the space (with all the oil based primer he's been using). Plus, you know...we have lives and full time jobs and went on toss all those things in there & that's a major reason this project is taking (what feels like) 18 years to complete. But again, we're getting there and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Which is easing my anxiety of getting this damn space complete before baby arrives... 
So let's do a little rundown of what's been going on here...
We've removed the wallpaper, sanded the walls, skim coated & sanded them AGAIN (in fact, the husband has also patched & sanded other sections of the walls after all of that nonsense...the joys of owning an old home!). The walls & formerly green trim and doors got a coat of primer and the ceiling was repainted. Currently, the doors and moldings are getting their second coat of paint (Dover White by Sherwin Williams, to match the rest of the trim in the house). I hit the panic button this week & called in my mom for this step. She's worked on painting the trim for the last 2 mornings (thanks mom!), since I wasn't so sure we'd have everything painted by the time the carpet gets installed next week.
Which speaking of the carpeting, we got a call this week informing us that the one we chose had been discontinued (cue sad music...but not really since this kind of carpet is just carpet). Needless to say, it was a bump in the road, but nothing major. I had the carpet guys pull some comparable samples for us, without a price increase (woo hoo!). We're just eh about the replacement. But in the case of this area, carpet is just carpet. I'll be happy to have anything installed in there at this point. Bye, bye ugly linoleum!

If nothing at all, we are totally pumped with how light and bright this space has become. Even if it's all primer and trim paint at this point. Aside from the green to white trim transformation, the utility closets are the other 'why didn't we paint these sooner?' element to the space. Naturally, I didn't take a before pic, but the inside of the closet will show you what we were working with....
With any luck, we'll have a wall color picked out soon and can start painting the walls this weekend! We're definitely thinking something beige-y and light. It's hard to believe we lived with such dark colors in this hallway for so long!

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  1. Eh, you'll finish before your daughter goes to college. You're fine!


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