Tuesday, September 14, 2010

bye, bye blog

Seriously. You take some time away from a new blog, and the husband immediately thinks it's over. I've given up, the blog is going to blog heaven. Well fear not, oh faithful reading husband! I'm back!

Honestly, I haven't had anything interesting to talk about lately (and by interesting I mean, white ceramic birds). We've been living our normal, city dwellin' lives, relaxing & recovering from the summer, and gearing up for fall (my favorite season!). If you consider it interesting to know that we're weeks away from refinancing our mortgage...well, then...you're reading the wrong blog. There's nothing glamorous about refinancing, electrical conversions, or roof estimates now is there?

A few weekends ago we went to my in-law's cabin. While in town, I stopped by my favorite place, the Angelica Country Store. Oh, the treasures you will find! While I didn't walk away with anything this visit (truth be told, there was a little white bird calling my name, but I resisted...much to Tom's relief), I instead meandered to the antique store next door to check out their inventory. I almost walked away empty handed until I discovered this delightful find!

Tom's concern was function ("can I actually weigh things with it?"). My thoughts were as follows: "It was $10!", "It's antique-y!", and "It will look GREAT in the new kitchen, no?"

There's something to be said about an accsesory with character. Something that tells a story. A home that incorporates unique elements, and doesn't look like the inside of a furniture showroom. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a fabulous find from a big box like Target, HomeGoods, or Pier 1. But bringing an element of whimsy & antique into a predominently modern meets comfortable home (think Crate & Barrel and West Elm) is my cup of tea. These sorts of elements are fitting for our 101 year-old abode. Maybe that's why I have a slight love affair with things such as Etsy, Country Living Magazine, and previously-loved furniture (just waiting to be painted white) at the side of the road or a garage sale. Sigh...so many good finds, so little room!

And with that bit of wisdom, it's time for me to take out our trash bins for tomorrow's garbage day. Hey, is that an old coffee table I see sitting at the neighbor's curb?!

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