Saturday, September 18, 2010

Garage sale-ing!

Armed with caffeine, a car load of goods, and still sporting the previous evening's eye liner (hey look everyone, it's Adam Lambert!) it was off to do some garage sale-ing! It's a strange thing to be on the road at 7:30 a.m. on a Saturday. Why are there so many people up so early?! And why are all these said folks riding my tail? Oh, that's right. They're off to a garage sale! 

This past spring my grandmother moved into a nursing home, and her house has finally sold! While it's sad to be moving on, it was time to do something with all of her stuff. Our family organized a garage/estate sale this past weekend (the first day raised over $900!), and I decided to piggy-back by selling some items we've accumulated since Tom & I began co-habitating over 2 years ago. Afterall, who needs 3 irons anyway (why, oh why did we have THREE irons?!). For the record, not one iron was sold at today's sale.

Garage sales are a funny thing. There's certainly no rhyme or reason to why people buy the things they do (or feel the need to bargain when something is a godforsaken $4). My earliest memories of garage sales were ones we had growing up. My sister & I reaped the benefit of those few sales by selling some of our most sought after stuffed animals & chotchkies that littered our bedrooms. Boy, were those some lucky folks!

Our few items didn't exactly rake in the dough today--I raised roughly $70 in 3 hours--but that's $70 more than we had before 7:30 a.m.! And that's one less fish poacher, wicker side table, and random lamp shade that came back to our city dwellin' abode. And what are we doing with that $70 we currently have in our hot little hands? Why putting it towards our upcoming beachy honeymoon of course!

Did someone say margaritas?!

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  1. Cute post Katie! Haha, 3 irons! We had 3 ironing boards when we moved in together! Ridiculous!


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