Thursday, September 2, 2010

Oh, the irony...

Talking about my new found love for the color turquoise--after posting about the ridiculousness that is our bathroom--is about as ironic as saying that our cat is bff's with the neighbor's cats (for the record, they are not, for anyone who may not have gotten that...I mean, they could be, but they're not).

I'm not sure where my recent fascination with the color turquoise came from (it certainly wasn't from the bathroom), but I've recently incorporated a few elements in our home. For instance, this stunner:

(purchased at the delightful West End Garage)

I know...awesome, right?! That's exactly what the husband said when he saw it, he was SO excited (if you're not sensing the irony here, I'm afraid I may have lost you at this point).

So imagine my surprise when I discovered the fabulous website, House of Turquoise! It's a delightful assortment of all things turquoise. How's this for visual stimulation? YUM!

(courtesy of At Home In Arkansas)

While these blue walls might not be in our immediate future, I have some things sitting around that might soon have a meeting with my paint brush & $2.99 sample paint from Lowes.

Don't worry, Tom. It's not another bird.

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  1. I'm so glad to have another design blog to follow!


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