Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tuesday tours

I'm a huge fan of the blog House Tweaking which I discovered through the equally fabulous blog, Young House Love. I may or may not have a small obsession with both of these blogs. And I may or may not spend an absurd amount of time perusing the delightful photos and ideas from each of them. Just saying. At any rate, Dana (the gal behind House Tweaking) features a post each Friday dedicated to a tour in one room of her house--appropriately named "Feature Friday." Oh, the anticipation of seeing each of her fabulous rooms, one week at a time!

And that's where my genius idea of "Tuesday Tours" came from. A sneak peek into some rooms in our city dwellin' abode, each and every Tuesday. But not every Tuesday. Because, you see, there are only so many Tuesdays in my lifetime & so many rooms in our home. The fun will have to end at some point. But for the time being this will help keep me accountable. I'll be keeping up the rooms in our home & perhaps making some decor changes along the way!

So without further ado, today's feature is the most frequented room in our home, the living room! This is where you'll find us the majority of the time--watching t.v., reading, using the computer, eating (Wait, did I just say eating? Because what I meant was we take the time to do all of our eating at the dining room table, like all respectable adults. Why yes we do.)

And some details...

One of the major changes we made to the room, was having the floors refinished. In fact, we had the floors refinished in the entire house before we turned the key and uttered the words "home sweet home". The next major change was updating the paint from a dingy beige/green to it's new hue, Soho by Ralph Lauren. The rest, as they say, is all in the details! I've incorporated lots of white elements--vases, frames, and accessories, as well as a small desk ("gifted" to us--i.e. left behind--by the previous owners) that I sanded, repainted white and added new hardware from Lowes, and paired it with a chair that was a flea market find my mom scored for $4! The goal of the desk was to act as a "home base" for our computer, but so far that remains to be seen (as I type this, the husband is currently eating dinner from the desk...I kid you not). So for now, the desk is a cute little nook that houses some photos and a silver "K" (from JoAnn's) that stands for Katie. Um, I mean, Keefe...

And that concludes today's Tuesday tour! I'm off to watch one our FIVE shows being recorded this evening. Wow, Tuesday is a big day now, huh?! Until next time...

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