Thursday, January 20, 2011

And then there was tile

The tile is up! Tomorrow the contractor will return to grout & then it's official...project backsplash will be done!

We expected to have our fabulous hood vent installed this week too. Until our contractor pointed out that--because of our high ceilings--it will sit higher than most standard vents. We went back & forth for quite some time as to whether or not we'd be okay with that, but eventually decided to fork over the $150 for a hood vent extender. If things are going to be done in this kitchen, they're going to be done right! Unfortunately, we'll have to wait at least a week or so for the extender to be delivered and installed. Patience isn't my strong feature at this point... 

So how will I pass the time? By finally painting once and for all! I continue to be overwhelmed by all the color options, but I think we (and by we I mean me) have narrowed things down to a non-beige, non-grey decision! But ask me again tomorrow, as some things are never guaranteed...

I'll be back soon with more kitchen pics!

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