Friday, January 14, 2011

It's always best to make lists...

If I've discovered one thing since starting this blog, it's that wish lists are a good thing. Like, a really good thing. In fact I'm sure all 5 of my readers take careful note of my gift ideas when the holidays & special occassions roll around (hint, hint).

For instance, this Christmas was a no-brainer for my sister. The Kate frame from ZGallerie? Check! A sparkly cardigan from Charlotte Russe? Yes please! I post the lists, and they deliver!

Even better was my cousin Allie. She picked me in this year's family gift exchange. Which is pretty exciting. I picked her name 2 years ago & she was one of the easier people on my list to shop for. I'm pretty sure she'd say the same thing for me. least I'd like to think so, as she totally hit a home run in the gift department this year.

This book was not a wish list item, but I love when people know you so well that it's totally okay for them to vear off course when it comes to gift giving. This book = i adore.

To say I was totally surprised to receive these alpha book ends from Crate & Barrel is a bit of an undestatement. I had added them to our registry eons ago & after the wedding they were one of the lone items left unpurchased (which isn't a word, but whatever). At that point their availability was limited & I wasn't able to order them online. Which was a bit of a bummer, but life would certainly go on without bookends. So what a treat to unwrap these! I love.

The husband also came through this Christmas with a subscription to House Beautiful!

We decided to stick with just stocking suffers this year (since we "gifted" ourselves a new kitchen & trip to Mexico). The husband is finally getting the hang of this stocking thing. Last year I received a lint brush, hair elastics & notepads. Useful, yes. But the House Beautiful subscription was a total winner this year. He says he has has no clue what House Beautiful even is....but I do, and I'm very anxiously awaiting the arrival of the February issue (that I gaze at each & everytime I'm at the store. Must. Resist.).

Here's hoping your gifts were all good ones this year!

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  1. The only thing hard about shopping for you is narrowing down my choices! Glad you liked your gifts!!


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