Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kitchen progress

We purchased some supplies this weekend:

Yep, that's 60 ft. of white subway tile that will be installed this Thursday along with our hood vent. We're making progess! Slowly but surely the kitchen is pulling itself together...

We're also in the process of buying accessories for the space:

These glass canisters will soon be holding flour, sugar, and whatnot. I'm not sure why, but they remind me a lot of Ina Garten, don't you think?

And of course, we're picking paint colors...

My only issue with Benjamin Moore is that there are too. many. color. options. As usual, I'm being drawn to beiges & grays. I was kindly reminded by the husband that our entire house is beige and gray. True dat. But I find it hard to mess with a good (neutral) thing! This one may go into negotiations...

Once the backsplash is installed & everything is painted we'll begin the process of picking the flooring. It depends on which day you ask, but we're on a hardwood kick at the current moment. We ventured to a local reuse site this weekend to check out their stock, and at $1.50 a square foot it's definitely a bargain. But it's unfinished wood, which would require more work & money...bringing our debate (hardwood vs. tile) back to square one. While I'm not a big "green" person (I know, shame on me), I definitely love the idea of using reclaimed wood, especially in our 100+ year old home. It's fitting, don't you think? Not to mention I think it would sound pretty cool to say, "I'm glad you like our floor--it's reclaimed wood!" In the event that someone takes the time to compliment our floors of course. If not, I would still plan to tell them anyway.

For now, you'll find me with a paintbrush in my hand every evening until this place is looking brand new once and for all! Any thoughts on colors? How about beige, beige or more beige?


  1. 2 things: That color wheel is giving me a nervous breakdown and second, beige is good! You can add punches of color through accessories and switch them out whenever you want and it will still match well! You already know this though...:)

  2. Beige is good but it's safe. You just invested in this amazing kitchen. You need a wow factor...a dark paint or a fun color on the window wall...Leaving us wanting to know what else is beyond the pantry, A big colorful piece of artwork or a great vibrant light fixture...to make a grand entrance statement. Follow your blog about the fun splash of red on a neutral room. It may not happen right away but that certain 'zip' you are looking for will come to you. Just give it time. You definitely have the eye for it.

  3. Husband here. I couldn't agree with Martha more. We need to go with a less boring color. I'm over earth tones.


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