Sunday, January 30, 2011

Making progress

Despite being sick all weekend (darn you stupid cold!), we made some progress around these parts. Hmmm...does illness = productivity? While I'm sure it's not doctor's orders to be working so hard, we got a lot accomplished!

The kitchen trim is painted...

Please, divert your eyes from the lovely black & white floor. For obvious reasons, it will be leaving us soon. The 1980's tiles are old, manky & partially stained (the previous owners smoked--apparently only in the kitchen). Lovely, eh? I know, it's a complete shame we're ridding ourselves of this beauty.

And just to refresh your memory...remember what the walls looked like before (after the black linoleum was removed)?

Can you believe the previous owners covered this up? This trim is the real deal's not the manufactured bead board you can find at Home Depot or Lowes. All it needed was a little love, a lot of sanding (thank you husband) & several coats of primer & paint....and voila! We have ourselves some new-old walls again!

And we finally decided on a wall color!

It's a little putrid in this picture (in real life, not much so)...but after much deliberation we decided to go with Split Pea by Benjamin Moore. I have my hesitations (the name alone sounds pretty gross), but this was the one color we actually agreed upon. So split pea it is! I originally wanted a soft gold & the husband wanted bright oranges & yellows (I believe one of the colors was called 'margarita'...I like my margaritas in a glass, not on my walls thank you very much). This wasn't what I originally envisioned for our walls, but I think it will work just fine. If not, it's only can be changed!

Oh, and for those of you wondering...the holiday deer are still very much dead on our front lawn. Hey, there are so many hours in a weekend...we pick & choose are 'to-do's' around here!

Hope you all had an equally productive weekend!

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