Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Before & After

I love a good before & after. Maybe it's just that I'm nosey & I like to see where people live and what they do with their space. I think that's why I'm so addicted to HGTV too. Come on, tell me you don't love seeing what House Hunter folks do with their new place?!

Which is why I created a Before & After tab on the 'ol blog. Because maybe people out there are just as nosey as I am. Or maybe I just like seeing our own space as it evolves. But before you get too excited, the only transformation you'll currently see there is 'Project Hallway'. I'll be posting more before & afters in good time my friends, all in good time...

So I got to work un-earthing some photos of the house when it was purchased in 2007. I can't recall if I initially took these photos on my first visit, or after I found out the house was officially mine (it was a solo mission at the time..first came the house, then came the husband). But I can assure you the photos were very much taken prior to the previous owners moving out. So without further ado, I give you the living room BEFORE...

Ack! I know the picture is rather dark, but let me tell you...the place was dark & dingy to begin with, so the photo is a pretty accurate portrayal of what this place looked like at the time. Do you think the weird candelabra in the window was their attempt to class up the joint? Because it just looks like a fire hazard to me. At any rate, the hardwood floors were in horrible shape & covered with weird remnants and area rugs throughout the house--like this beauty you see here (having the floors professionally refinished was the first major work done to the house).

And for those of you who don't remember what the space looks like now, I present to you the AFTER:

Much better right? What a difference an owner makes! Of course, everyone's taste is individual so I'm not tooting my own design horn or anything. It's just interesting to see how a space can change from one person to the next! Not only are before & after pictures so interesting, what about documenting a space during a renovation or update? Especially in the case of a major overhaul (i.e. our kitchen). It's interesting to see what your space looked like, how it changes, and what it turns out to be!

I'll be posted more before & after shots in the near future. So if you're feeling particularly sure to check back soon!

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