Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekend recap

Another weekend behind us & it's back to the grind! From now on, I think it's time to insist that weekends become 3 days long...2 days are not enough! Ah well, let's get to a recap shall we?

...I've entered into a somewhat human state again (a heavy emphasis on the "somewhat" as I'm just not quite there yet). Although, I did manage to pass whatever this is along to the husband, who isn't fairing so well today. Colds be damned--we can't seem to win around here!

...I finally received my House Beautiful subscription this weekend! For those of you who've already perused the March issue, can you believe all the pink goodness? Flipping through the pages has me itching for an all pink house! Okay, maybe not the whole house, but at least one room. Which would require the husband to move out, as I'm sure he wouldn't be as jazzed about all that pink. I'm sure you can't tell from the picture, but ironically, my subscription comes addressed to the husband. Well, if that doesn't give our mailman cause for question, I don't know what does...

...Our 7 year-old niece stopped by for a craft day on Sunday. Which is just the kick in the rear I needed to get on that 2011 resolution of 'scrapping once a month' (along with 'go to church more', 'develop wedding pics', 'finish the kitchen' and 'practice staying calm'...all of which have yet to be accomplished, thank you very much). Although, I must say, we don't get much crafting done when she comes over. She spends a lot of time perusing through my endless supplies, she talks (a lot!), plus we took a pretty significant pizza & Disney Channel break at one point in the day. I did however finish up two shadow boxes--one from our wedding, the other from our honeymoon--that have since found a new home in our kitchen.

...which brings me to the final piece of the puzzle--we (meaning me) painted! We're not totally done yet, as I only accomplished the pantry (on a Friday night, no less...yes, we lead a pretty exciting existence around these parts). Since I painted at night, it was hard to decide whether or not I liked the color. I went back & forth several times, all the while interjecting phrases to the husband such as--"so...would you say this color is 'retro chic' or does it look more like baby food?" and "if I don't like this in the morning it's all your fault for choosing this stupid color". I'm happy to report that we both woke up the next morning & liked what we saw. It's not a color I would have normally chosen (well, at least without a push from the husband), but I applaud myself for stepping outside my beige box for once!

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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