Monday, February 14, 2011

Feelin' the love

Happy Monday & happy valentine's day! The husband & I aren't huge valentine's day fans, so as usual, we'll skip the crowds & dinner out. I do however, secretly love the cards, flowers & crafts that go along with this "holiday". Remember how much fun it was to make your own card box in elementary school?

We had friends over for dinner this weekend. The guest list also included their two little ones (well, one who's baby little...but little none-the-less). We made things simple & fun with an "indoor" bbq theme--complete with hot dogs, chips, salads & a whole lotta chocolate thrown in for good measure (if that doesn't help get over the winter blues, I don't know what does!). I couldn't resist playing up the valentine's day theme for our little dinner party...

I free-handed the hearts with my stash of cardstock & attached them to baker's twine. I believe the husband's exact words were, "those hearts look like a second grader made them". Hmmm...I would have described them as more whimsical & fun. But since one of our guests was 3 years old, I wasn't too worried about my supposed lack of artistic abilities. The black vases were leftovers from our wedding & look great with some packed carnations, wouldn't you say? It's funny that carnations get such a bad name, but if you know how to arrange them, they become an affordable chic centerpiece!

Hope it was a good weekend for all!

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  1. And a perfect dinner bbq valentines dinner it was. We all had a great time. Mg was comfortable, that's for sure... he curled up on the couch at the end of the night with his ipad. I thought he was spending the night. Thx again.


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