Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A little this & that...the September edition

Ahhh...it's September. The husband declared today that he's not ready for fall. This was right after he declared that many others feel the same way (this is a bold statement not backed by fact, btw). Heellloooo, sir, I'm not alone when I say there are plenty of us who are ready for fall. Pumpin spice lattes! Scarves! Not sweating to the point where you think you'll die! I think what he meant to say was that he's sad summer is coming to an end. But after the hot, hot heat of this summer I say...bring it on fall! I'm soooo ready...

Anyhoo! We had a delightful weekend away at my in-law's cabin, but now it's back to reality and lots of fun projects...

I've scored some major deals & steals lately and have been working on some fun projects that I will share soon. Once the cooler weather strikes, I can't be stopped!

And who said no one's excited for fall?

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