Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The real, real entryway

Yes, those rumors you've heard are true.

We have a real real entryway.

Along with a million other doors that get you into & out of our house at various locations. If you've been to our home, you know. It's the house of doors! Our house was built as a dual family with maids quarters. So there are doors for the family, doors for the hired help (of which we have none, unless of course you're counting me), doors for the guests...and so on & so on. Don't you just love a house with history? Our house of doors is especially good times when the cable guy, contractor, or in-law's come over and can't figure out how they came in. It never gets old. What can I say, I'm easily amused!

Anyhoo, so here's the lowdown of what you see when you enter through the front door. Which, you'll all be using now that you can't kill yourselves on the way there (thank you new stairs, we love you).

I debated about keeping the existing wallpaper, as it's actually quite lovely. But it's old & seen better days (as have the foyer doorbells..yikes!)...

The wallpaper looks better in photos, but it's not pretty in person. It's peeling & aged in several spots (I'm all about vintage, but this is a bit much). I thought about removing the wallpaper all together and just painting, but I can tell that some areas of the original plaster walls aren't in the best shape underneath. So I've decided instead to wallpaper right over the darn thing. And as I type this, I'm awaiting a phone call from Sherwin Williams to tell me when my order has arrived! I'm super excited about this wallpaper. I'm just hoping it translates well in the space. Oh well, time will tell. Fingers crossed. I will post pics soon!

Okay, onto the floors. They're octagon/chicken wire tile, original to the home...

Yikes. They look a little dirty in these pics. But they're in great shape for the age of the home! It's probably hard to tell from my stellar photos, but the tile surround is black & burnt orange/red. I didn't necessarily need to match the wallpaper exactly to the floor colors. But my crazy coo-coo mind got the best of me, and in the quest to have everything look just right, the new wallpaper is almost an identical color match to the floor (not originally intended, honest, but it worked out that way...I love when that happens!).

Fingers crossed I can tackle some wallpapering this weekend (with the help of my mom, naturally...you didn't think I'd go this alone, did you?)! I'll be back tomorrow with a weekend recap!

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