Friday, September 9, 2011

Project Hallway update!

Okay, so remember this $15 steal?

Of course you do. You don't have a short term memory.

So when I purchased this frame, my plan was to switch things up in the front hallway. Things just weren't sitting right with me. As much as I liked it, something about the wall of frames was just off. Let's take a look...

That something "off" would be that large rectangular frame. It didn't have much character & screamed, "look at me, I'm a large empty boring frame!" The husband had his gripes too. He'd always been super annoyed that the thing was bent & never sat flush against the wall. I can't say I disagreed either. I thought about putting some smaller frames inside, but wasn't totally over-the-moon about that idea. And then my friends, the new frame came along!

So I got to work removing the old frame & touching up the walls. The new frame was sprayed & ready to hang, and then this happened...

Ah, the beauty of an old home with plaster walls! Hanging things around here is a bit of trial & error (well, at least for me anyway...I'm sure the husband would have done a better job). And if you're wondering, my trial & error is still there. I just hung the frame over the holes without bothering to patch them up. Because I'm lazy & impatient like that. And because I put the caulk away.

So anyway, here's what things are looking like now!

You might notice I added another, smaller frame to the top left of the wall. I actually added that awhile ago, but never got around to mentioning it. But now that the new frame is in place, things seem very complete! I'm so happy with the way things turned out. See? A minor frame change out, and all is right in the world again!

Oh, and in case anyone is curious (probably not, but anyway...), my spray paint of choice is Valspar. I mean, I go through cans like it's my job. There was zero rhyme or reason how I came to this discovery, other than the fact that Lowes is conveniently located to me and I can get in & out of there in a jiff. It's probably not the best brand out there (it'll set you back less than $4 a can), but I've found it to work the best for me. In an effort to cut to the chase, I don't prime or do much prep, but I get a smooth even finish everytime I use it. And no, Lowes didn't pay me to say this. It's just that this is the sort of stuff I would find helpful if I was desperately seeking Susan a good recommendation. So there you have it folks.


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