Monday, August 29, 2011

And then there were none

So I'm really starting to think that this blog is a way that says, Dear Contractors: get your ass to our house & do the work you promised, you hear?!

Seriously, it was only days ago when I mentioned the fact that the tree trimers--who promised to come and do their work at the end of July--still hadn't shown up to our house. And here we were a month later wondering what the hell happened to them?! I won't go into the long & boring story of how many times we rescheduled an appointment for an estimate for god sakes. Or the number of times they promised to call me back to reschedule an estimate (and didn't). Or how late the owner finally showed up to give me one. Or the promise he made to come over "next week to do the work". Maybe that should have been a sign?!

Well, talk about a blogging miracle...the mere mention of them on the 'ol blog last week & they called the same day telling me that the crew was heading to our house! I wasn't home when they arrived or completed (sort of) the work, so my before & after pics are lame-o.

But here's what we were working with before...

You can't see the top of the tree, but trust me when I say it was a HUGE mess. See that electrical pole to the left of the tree? Yeah, the branches were all sorts of tangled up in the wires above (yikes!). The electric company trimmed the tree over a year ago & instead of taking the damn thing down (talk about a hazzard, it should have been gone a loooooong time ago), they left us with a huge mess in the backyard, all of which was our responsibility to clean up. Oooh, that was not a good day. You don't even know....

Anyway, I full expected to come home to find the guys still working, but nope! They had finished their work (well, mostly) and were gone. So here's what we were left with....

...a whole lotta sunlight (love!) and one big tree stump. But we're not completely done yet! The land in the back slopes into the neighbors behind us, so the plan is to fill & level the area. Basically, the tree guys are "landscaping" for us, minus the plants, as we plan to do that on our own. We want to plant something that's tall enough to block our view of the neighbors & their ugly shed (it's a rental property that's not kept up very well & we rarely see the people who live there anyway). Although, did you notice that from the time we got the estimate to when the tree was removed, the neighbors had their house painted? It's a start, but they have a long way to go over there....and we're not intersted in watching the process. Hence the need for tall shrubbery!

So that's where things stand right now. We're hoping the work is completed in the next couple of weeks ("hoping" being the key word here), and then we can begin planting. Afterall, fall is one of the best times to plant! And stay tuned, tomorrow I'll have updated front porch & door pics! I finished up things this weekend & we're so pleased how things turned out!

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