Thursday, August 4, 2011

Bathroom walls can become new again!

Wow! Lots of folks thought yesterday's bat post was hil-larious! I can tell you that it really wasn't at the time (never is!), but definitely funny after the fact. Also, I'm considering a gig in stand up comedy. Just kidding...obviously. Anyway, I thought it was important to point out a couple of things....

1) Our house isn't some bat sanctuary. Remember, that same jerk just keeps coming back.
2) The husband wanted me to point out to my readers that he has single-handedly trapped, killed or released every bat that's ever dared to enter our home. I'm not sure why that's important to mention, as clearly my standing around, sceaming & swearing certainly didn't solve the problem.

Also, the husband likes to do lots of bat research online. I'm not sure why...maybe to perfect his art of bat catching? He also likes to tell me about it too (I was sent a wikihow video on how to catch a bat today. I don't know what he's trying to tell me.). I, on the other hand, prefer to just forget the whole thing ever happen. Which is why I'm officially changing the subject. So let's move on, shall we?

We don't share pictures of our bathroom very often, and for good reason...

It's certainly not the prettiest. I've been able to deal with the seafoam tile (the husband has not), but not the floor because it's just gross. I figured in the time we'll spend in the house, we'll update the flooring and leave the rest. But now that the kitchen is officially paid for (more on that soon...I promise!), I'm dreaming of a white Christmas. Ha, no, just kidding! I'm dreaming of a new bathroom...duh!

Did you know that you can simply cover tile with bead board & molding? Why, yes, yes you can! Rachel at Just a Touch of Gray has done just that.

photos via
 Oh my god, amazing right?! I guess the process wasn't as easy as one, two, three, but I think doable...I think? The husband was so amazed by this transformation that he took a break from bat research to see just how easy (or difficult) installing bead board will be. But not to tease you, as we're not planning to update the bathroom anytime in the immediate future, but these photos are definitely inspirational, no?

Does anyone out there have any experience or tips for working with bead board & tile? Or tips for getting bats out of your home? I kid, I kid.

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