Saturday, August 27, 2011

The happy birthday edition

Exactly one year ago today, I started this tiny little blog...

 By all accounts it's still tiny, and when it comes to blogging I'm no professional (I write what I like, when I have the time). But if I'm remotely entertaining myself, the husband and possibly 4 other readers, then I'm totally happy with that.

 The good news is that I'm still inspired to write & I still think this blogging stuff is good times. And if that's all I ever get out of this hobby...then you know what, I'm totally cool with that. Just think of all the good things that will come in year two...

More bat stories (well, actually, let's hope not)!
How the tree triming guy promised to come in July and still hasn't arrived (ooooh, now that's gonna be a good one)!
How those Halloween kiddos won't die on our porch steps this year (unless of course a fight breaks out over that last kit which case, that would be their problem, not mine)!
And how I'm really, really going to post finished pictures of the kitchen one of these days! True story.

Happy birthday City Dwellin'!

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  1. Happy Anniversary! Keep the blog goin'! We love it!


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