Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Vacation recap

Does anyone else have days when they'd really like to chuck their computer out the window? Yeah, me too. I mean seriously, 35 hours to upload 4 pictures is not cool. Okay, maybe that's a slight exaggeration, but honestly. Girlfriend needs a new computer! For reals. Not to speak ill-will of the dead, but my damn computer died last night. DIED people! So much for actually getting to chuck it out the window...or maybe that's the whole point right now? Blogging is certainly going to become interesting from here on out, as I was relying heavily on that thing to store & upload my pics. Thank goodness everything is backed up or it would be bye, bye memories for me! Oh, and also, thank goodness for the ability to use my work computer. Being employed by family certainly has its benefits. Not that I'm blogging at work or anything....

Anyhoo! As I mentioned several days ago, we're back from a lovely 9 day vacation...from our problems. Ha! Just kidding. It was just our lovely annual vacation. But I'll give you bonus points if you can name that movie!

Our first stop was Indianapolis for the wedding of a dear college friend...

No, sorry, those are not blury aliens. It's actually the bride & groom. Apparently, god doesn't like me taking photos in church.

Here's a better photo of the happy couple...

Much better. Assuming, of course, you're looking at this with your binoculars or magnifying glass. Someone could use a photography course, no?

We got to spend an entire weekend catching up with my favorite girls...good times.

So after all the wedding fun was had, we flew to Philly, took TWO separate trains to get to Atlantic City, where upon arrival we were picked up by my parents for the 40 minute drive to our final destination, Cape May. We're talking planes, trains and automobiles here folks! Are you still with me? Or did you lose me somewhere in Pennsylvania?

We spent the rest of the week relaxing on the beach, eating a lot of seafood, kayaking & shopping. Come, take a trip down memory lane with me!

First and foremost, we did a lot of eating. A LOT. No trip to Cape May is complete with a trip to George's for some amazing greek food. Even Guy Fierri thinks so.

Or a mid-day beach break for Hot Dog Tommy's. We're snobby about our hot dogs in Buffalo, but Tommy's comes in at a pretty tasty second. I mean, just look at that girl staring at the husband...I bet she thinks he's theee Tommy.

We enjoyed drinks at the the Virginia Hotel, followed by dinner at the Ebbitt Room...yum. So good. Zagat rated. Gourmet. GO.

The Virginia Hotel is fab...beachy, modern decor...why yes please!

This is the last of the pictures I would take, as we were getting wisked into dinner by this point. Plus, I was on the verge of getting yelled at by the man at the front desk for taking photos...when in reality he was only pointing out other fabulous things to photograph. My bad. The dining room got a major makeover since we were last there a year ago, and I'm not sure I'm all that jazzed about the update (the beloved king louis chairs are gone). But unfortunately, I'm the only one who can be the judge of that since I was too busy scarfing my tuna tartare to even take a picture. And now I'm rambling and you don't care. But anyway, here's what things look like these days...very pretty, but definitely different (sorry, no before pic, but let's trust, shall we?)...


We did some miniature golfing too. I debated about even posting this picture, as we look like the Adam's Family & I have a sumo arm, but what's real is real around here people. Also real? The fact that the husband always wins mini golf, and I always lose.

I could have photographed the victorian houses all day...good sights in town for sure...

We ate a ton of seafood...all week. My stomach couldn't have been happier. Eating at home one night was no exception...

But most of the week you could find us at the beach...arriving first thing in the morning (which is why it's practically empty in these photos!) and staying until late in the day. Heaven, if you ask me!

And we capped off the trip with blue pig martinis at Congress Hall...

Overall, a fabulous vacation, but it's soooo good to be back home. Nothing beats the comfort of your own bed, right?

Now..time to get working on that computer situation. Afterall, writing this post took about as long as the length of our vacation....not normal.


  1. Ok I just died laughing at Tom in the last picture...almost forgot how creepy he is in it!

  2. OMG!!! He totally looks like a creeper! LOL! Great pics! Looks like you had such a wonderful, relaxing week!

  3. I was just going to write the same thing! Rob really wants to know what he is doing in that picture!! oh, and get a Mac -- they are awesome.


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